Stepping Out

Stepping Out
Written by Richard Harris. D & S Media Productions. Directed by Shea Wicks. Assistant Director & Stage Manager: Chris Cherry. Choreography by Ashlea George, Jane Hart and Caroline McNamara. Laycock Street Theatre August 14 -16, 2019. The Art House, Wyong August, 23 & 24, 2019.

Even if you have had no experience at all with Stepping Out, you will quickly gauge the plot line and anticipate the inevitable 'big finish'. No matter, the journey is definitely worth it. A group of talented performers will guide you skilfully to the climax.

This is really an ensemble performance, led auspiciously by Karen Snook as Mavis, as everyone makes a solid contribution to the team effort.

As the players face their individual hang-ups and problems their stories emerge through their participation in the sanctuary of the dance class. Awkward Dorothy (Judi Jones), try-hard Lynne (Maddy Bell), over-the-top Maxine (Louise Sullivan), bruised Andy (Rebecca Bright), in-your-face Sylvia (Kelli Ward) and Rose (Tina Leaitua), along with interfering Vera (Shea Wicks), combine with the enigmatic Geoffrey (Brett Perkins) to face just about every theatrical cliché there is. Mind you Mavis is not without her own problems and Mrs Fraser (Lianne Haddock) provides a foil for just about everyone. Working their way through the revelations of their relationships and issues takes some time but, in the end, with the aid of clever chronological exposition and stage craft we reach the satisfying and heart-warming conclusion. It is sometimes difficult to convey the journey through the development of a skill like tap-dancing from early days to fruition, however here it is well done - and of course the finale will lift your spirits. I enjoyed the opportunity.

Gus Plater

Photographer: David Wicks. 

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