Stories In the Dark

Stories In the Dark
Live in the Dark. Adelaide Fringe. Holden Street Theatres. February 18th – March 5th, 2017

Stories in the Dark is performed in complete darkness by a group of 3 actors, a cello and the audience’s own imagination. Darkness is something we don’t think about often, usually only when we are in it, and then it’s normally bed time, but director Tim Overton and the creative team have put together a new and interesting way to experience theatre.

Starting with Genesis 1:1, the actors take the audience through a series of different stories by various authors including Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Shakespeare. Rachel Bruervillle on Cello provides an at times eerie but beautiful backdrop, and the actors, Elizabeth Hay, Rebecca Mayo and Nathan O’Keefe, gel nicely together in their spoken words, but really shine in the musical pieces. Their voices harmonise extremely well and hit your aural senses with greater intensity because of the deprivation of the visual. They need to rely solely on their vocals to convey the emotions and nuances of the stories they are telling, and they do this well.

This is something for those who like the unusual and unique, but be prepared, the venue can be cramped and 50 minutes in a dark confined space can be quite uncomfortable.

Maxine Grubel

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