Storytime in the Hills

Storytime in the Hills
Directed by Nicole George. Roleystone Theatre, WA. October 9-12, 2013

Roleystone Theatre opened its doors to its tiniest patrons with school holiday matinees catering to preschoolers and younger primary school students.

In what must have been a relief to holiday-weary parents in the last days of school holidays, the theatre presented two musical plays for a nominal $5 charge and even provided a healthy morning or afternoon tea at interval.

Kyle's Rainbow Day showed how it is OK to be yourself. Brad Towton was delightful as a little boy who wears a pink shirt to school on rainbow day, and although his singing wasn't strong, he won the audience with his charming performance. With a mix of adults and tiny-tots in the cast, I would love to have seen more of the little ones such as Ava Brady and Cameron Ramsell who worked hard as fellow students.

Caramel's Sweet Tooth also used both adults and children and had a strong teaching line; in this case, a healthy eating message. The use of more audience participation made this show even more fun and the animated performances of the cast, especially Caramel (Stephanie Lewendon-Lowe) and the Toy Doctor (Bree Hartley) added to the celebratory feel.

For many in the audience, this would have been their first theatrical experience.

Well done Roleystone for creating an affordable, positive theatrical introduction.

Kimberley Shaw

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