By A Thread

By A Thread
By One Fell Swoop Circus. Fringe World. Directed by Charice Rust and Johnathon Morgan. The Main Hall, The Girls School, Wellington St, Perth. 21 Jan - 9 Feb, 2020

By A Thread is the most beautiful aerial and acrobatic show I have ever seen. Possibly the slickest, most tightly rehearsed show in FringeWorld, this beautifully gentle show explores the relationship between trust and risk.

Less hoopla than you expect from aerialists and acrobats, One Fell Swoop Circus’ production is wonderfully understated, with the amazing skills left to speak for themselves - without bells and whistles. Simply dressed performers work with amazing precision, showing stunning tricks that defy logic and gravity. The strength displayed is amazing, and the team work and care for each other is just wonderful to observe.

Essentially seven performers and a very long spool of rope, the tableaus created are beautiful, with a lovely sense of movement and impressive demonstrations of balance. Stunning team work from Liam Dummer, Ellen Grow, Easa Min-we, Johnathon Morgan, Chanel Phelan, Charice Rust and Latonya Wiggington.

A mesmerising show that would appeal to almost anyone, and an inspiring display of what humans can do when they work together. Well worth a look, and this large capacity venue means that tickets should still be available.

Kimberley Shaw

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