The Laramie Project

A play by Moises Kaufman and The Members of the Tectonic Theatre Project. Woy Woy Little Theatre's “Flash Community Art Project”. Directed by Jessica Alex. Peninsula Theatre, Woy Woy. Feb 10-12, 2017.

Once upon a time, the US town of Laramie, Wyoming, was best known as the setting for a famous TV western from the early 1960s. All of this changed in October 1998 when 21 year old Matthew Shepard was tied to a fence post, pistol whipped, beaten, tortured and then abandoned in freezing conditions. He was discovered 18 hours later, by a cyclist – who had mistaken him for a scarecrow and was rushed to hospital where he clung to life for the next five days as news of the brutal crime hit national headlines.


The Last Great Hunt. Directed by Wyatt Nixon Lloyd and Tim Watts. Fringe World. Perth Town Hall, Cathedral Square, Perth WA. Feb 9-15, 2017

This ‘back by popular demand’ show has had a previous sell-out season in Perth and enjoyed success at the Adelaide and the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. Presented by The Last Great Hunt, this epic story tells the saga of Bruce, a floating block of yellow foam with a wonderful heart.

A story of space travel, romance, police drama, dozens of characters and the space-time continuum all performed with two performers, a pair of gloves and a block of foam. A major action adventure, beautifully imagined on the smallest scale.

Tapestry: The Songs of Carole King

Sung by Vika Bull and Debra Byrne. Enmore Theatre, Sydney. Friday 10 February, 2017

It’s a few minutes before 8 at the Enmore and the enthusiastic crowd is strikingly different to normal, not so young, not so eager to get tanked up at the well-stocked bar. All shapes and sizes, they’ve come to see original Young Talent Timer (when she was 14) Debra Byrne perform, with Vika Bull, the magical songs from Tapestry, Carole King’s 1971 enduring pop album.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Born to Sing Choirs. Directed by Sue Ross. Fringe World. Dress Circle Bar, His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth WA. Feb 2-11, 2017

A rediscovery of the 60s and 70s, With A Little Help From My Friends was presented by Born to Sing Choirs, in their first venture into the Fringe World festival.

The Born to Sing Choirs are situated in Joondalup, Kalamunda, Melville and Rockingham and have over 180 singers in total. This series featured the Joondalup and Rockingham choirs over two weeks.


By Phil Porter. bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company / Luke Rogers / Stories Like These. Kings Cross Theatre. Feb 9 – Mar 4, 2017.

Jonah grew up on a farm and spent his teenage years with a camera keeping watch for marauding hoons who began attacking the property after the death of his father. Sophie grew up on the Isle of Mann then moved with her father to share the ground floor of two flats in London. When her father dies and she loses her job, she moves into the first floor flat and renovates the other as a rental property, though she feels that she is gradually disappearing.

Both their mothers have died of pancreatic cancer. They are both now alone.

Blithe Spirit

By Noël Coward. Endless Night Theatre Company. Director: Cassie Roome. Laycock Street Theatre, Don Craig Room. Feb 10-12, 2017

Originally billed as 'an improbable farce in three acts' when it premiered during the London Blitz of 1941, one cannot help but reflect on just how far away this play resides - from a typical farce. In fact it seems farcical to call this deliciously bitter, acerbically, witty script a farce. While the paranormal premise leans into the absurd – this is not your run of the mill comedy of errors.

Place this 76 year old script in the right hands – and it remains uncommonly, ridiculously sophisticated by anyone's standards.

My Friend Miss Flint

By Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham. Therry Dramatic Society. Arts Theatre Adelaide. February 9-18, 2017.

They say there’s nothing more certain than death and taxes, yet in My Friend Miss Flint the tax man certainly arrives but death is foiled, because how can you plan the death of someone who doesn’t exist?

This is a rather dated English comedy. Nevertheless, in this production directed by Barry Hill, it remains enjoyable due to the competent writing of playwrights Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham, together with a strong cast.

Time’s Journey Through a Room

Playwright/Director: Toshiki Okada. AsiaTOPA / Chelfisch. Arts House Melbourne. 9 – 11 February, 2017.

From the moment I entered the theatre I felt wrapped in a sense of suspense. The neat set design and the actor who entered the stage so quietly the audience didn’t notice her until she started to speak. I expected an experience like nothing I’d ever had before.

Dogfight The Musical

Music and lyrics by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul. Book by Peter Duchan. Blackout Theatre Company. The Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre, Darling Harbour. Feb 8 – 12, 2017

Dogfight The Musical was a very emotional and sometimes confronting night at the theatre.

Set in San Francisco during the Vietnam War, the musical centres in on three young Marines on their last night before heading to Nam. The three B’s, Birdlace (Ryan Henderson), Borland (Matthew Giles) and Bernstein (Jed Arthur), decide to spend their last night playing a game of “Dogfight”, where the winner takes home $50.

‘Tis Pity

By Richard Mills. Victorian Opera. Conductor/Composer: Richard Mills. Director: Cameron Menzies. Melbourne Recital Centre. February 4 – 8, 2017

I have been a big fan of Victorian Opera for many years now. Their programs are innovative, often breaking new ground and are always cast from strength.

Such was the case with ‘Tis Pity, an operatic fantasia/song cycle on the world’s oldest profession. This included ten vignettes moving through the ages. International cabaret star, Meow Meow, was at the peak of her powers. Her voice was unfailingly beautiful whether soaring in the stratosphere or plumbing the depths. She moved beautifully and was always expressive.

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