Sammy J and Randy’s Difficult First Album Tour

Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Athenaeum Theatre, 15 – 20 April, 2014

Sammy J and Randy the purple puppet’s latest show is ostensibly in support of their first CD album (though Mr J has released previous comedy CDS on his own), but the album itself is a live recording of their previous touring show, and this one has different material – so if you’ve bought the CD, rest assured you’re in for a fresh experience.

The Inspection of Stanley Manor

The Bathtub Grin. Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The 86, Smith Street, Fitzroy. April 14 – 19, 2014

What happens when a council worker knocks on the door of a house containing a Vampire, a ghost, a love struck Mummy, a giant worm, and a crazy Professor and several other zany characters? You certainly don’t anticipate the wacky, absurdist twists found in this very funny show.

The use of shadow puppets for the character of Narrator and to establish location within the house was very clever and well executed and using the screen to perform some scenes in silhouette worked well. 

Burn the Floor - Ballroom Blitz

Directed by Jason Gilkinson. Regal Theatre, Subiaco (WA). 10-26 April 2014

Burn the Floor has tight links to Perth. Director/Choreographer Jason Gilkinson hails from Perth, as does his former dance partner, Executive Producer and Stage Director, Peta Roby. Three of the twenty dancers in this incarnation of the show come from Perth (making it better represented than any other city), so it is perhaps unsurprising that Perth has been chosen to open this version of the show, which will then tour Japan.

This Year’s Ashes

By Jane Bodie. Red Stitch Theatre (Vic). Until April 19, 2014

A ticket mix up meant I was not there for the opening of the season, but I’m so glad I got to see this production three weeks in, when performances are bedded down and subtext and nuance are fully realised.

The Wrestling

Max and Ivan. Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Melbourne Town Hall. April 14, 2014

“Comedians! Wrestlers!  Blood!” Max and Ivan have bought their award winning, high energy, wrestling show to the Comedy Festival where it features a cast of local comedians and pro wrestlers coming to blows and mixing it big time in the ring.

There is a high level of skill required to throw yourself and an opponent around and not get hurt. These comedians were impressive with their wrestling moves and had the crowd entertained from the start. The three bouts pitted pro-wrestlers against each other, a mixed tag team match and an all in brawl as a finale.

The Phantom of the Opera

By Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics by Charles Hart. Book by Richard Stilgoe and Andrew Lloyd Webber. North Queensland Opera and Music Theatre. Directed by Bill Munro. Townsville Civic Theatre. 2 – 13 April 2014.

As The Phantom makes its amateur rights progress through smaller capital city and regional theatre companies, each will, of course, elicit remarks along the lines of “ours is as good as the professional production I saw in London” or Sydney, or New York etc., etc., and they may be close to correct. There is always a certain amount of parochialism in the statement, but that does not deter from the excellence of so many of the productions.


Presented by Flipside Circus. Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. 9 – 12 April 2014

Unleashed energy, agility, music, comedy – all non-stop from eleven performers, 10 to 17 years old.

Flipside Circus trains youths of school age to discover themselves and their capabilities through circus skills. The non-competitive activities encourage individuals to explore their own boundaries and, encouraged by their mentors and tutors, amaze themselves by bursting through those boundaries.



By Verdi. Opera Australia. Director: Roger Hodgman. Conductor: Renato Palumbo. State Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne. April 12 – May 10, 2014.

This was a new production of Verdi’s masterpiece, and I hope it stays in the repertoire for many years to come. The curtain opened during the overture to reveal Rigoletto preparing to go to work, the structure revolved to show the exterior of the house, and revolved more to reveal the ducal palace. It was very effective.


Created by Rosemary Myers with writer Julianne O’Brien. Sydney Theatre Company and Sydney Opera House present a Production by the Windmill Theatre and the State Theatre Company of South Australia. Director: Rosemary Myers. Playhouse Theatre, Sydney Opera House. 11 April – 4 May 2014

The much loved, much reworked 1882 adventures of Pinocchio, the naughty, fib-telling wooden puppet, gets a mainstage Easter holiday season at the Playhouse. Parents, beware — this is not your regular, cozy, one-act theatre treat for ‘kids of all ages’. This is a full-length, high-volume update, ‘recommended for ages 7+’, but likely to be best appreciated by sophisticated teens.

Strictly Ballroom The Musical.

Book by Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce. Music by various. Director: Baz Luhrmann. Set and Costumes: Catherine Martin. Produced by Global Creatures and Bazmark. Sydney Lyric Theatre. World Premiere. April 12, 2014.

It wasn’t so much an opening night of a musical – more like the launch of a rocket ship.  But imagine if technicians at Cape Canaveral were still tinkering with the spacecraft as the countdown drifted perilously close towards the phrase …blast off.

Strictly Ballroom The Musical is everything you would expect from a Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin extravaganza. Utterly gorgeous costumes and sets, loads of laughs, plenty of surprises and Australian as the Hills Hoist.

But it is not yet everything you would expect from a musical.

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