Vladimir The Crow

Vladimir The Crow
Created and performed by Paul Bourke. Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Melba Spiegeltent Studio, Collingwood. April 4 – 20, 2019

Vladimir The Crow is currently performing at the small and intimate space of the Melba Studio, located somewhere between the Spiegeltent and meandering corridors at Circus school on Johnston Street in Collingwood as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Uncertain and hazy expectations of a strange and ghoulish clown precede the solo performance by Paul Bourke who is Vladimir the Crow. The audience, in anticipation of the unexpected, are revved for a thrill seeking show. Bourke rears his shabby understated appearance from behind the blue velvet curtain, and proceeds to gesture and make unearthly whispering sounds, ghoulish flights and eerie delights.

Bourke has developed an imaginative piece of interactive clownish theatre inspired by the famous French clown Gaulier, after spending time abroad studying with the master himself. There is a direct connection with Gaulier’s work theory that resonates with the performance of Vladimir the Crow. The show relies on vocalized childish sounds connecting with the audience by directly associating with their own inner-child–imagination. Along with a spectacular sound/light design (Stephen Bourke), this show is marvelously minimal and wonderfully fascinating.

There is an innately honest beauty behind the performance that gives rein to improvisation. There are no restrictions as to where Vladimir the Crow will go, as it solely depends on how the audience respond and where the highly attuned Bourke can endeavor to enrich the experience for his crowd. There is sheer pleasure gained from the unexpected and guffawing laughs from the audience who are clearly thrilled to bits with Bourke’s elegantly spooky signature style. 

A great experience for all to enjoy!

Flora Georgiou

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