The Showring, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney, and touring. Opening Night: July 6, 2019.

ZIRK! brings all the technological excitement of contemporary circus acts mixed with the age-old skills of juggling, balancing, high flying, and, of course, clowning. All of this occurs under the (very) Big Top, which seats 1650, has a circumference of 40 metres, is held up by king poles 18.5 metres high and is powered by 5 kilometres of cable. Valued at 1.2 million Australian dollars this enormous structure takes three full days to erect.

Yes, Prime Minister

By Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn. Ipswich Musical Theatre. Director: Alan Brown. Old Courthouse, Ipswich. 7 July, 2019.

The Old Courthouse, Ipswich, which still displays the NSW Coat of Arms, predates separation between Queensland and NSW and is one of the oldest government buildings in Queensland, so it seems entirely appropriate that a play about the machinations of government should grace its hallowed halls.


By Ben Elton. Directed by Siobhan Vincent. Garrick Theatre, Guildford, WA. July 4-20, 2019

Garrick Theatre’s Popcorn explores the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, with a murder or two, or more, in a slick production with some superb performances.

The Addams Family Young@Part

Book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa. Primadonna Productions. Young@Part Edition by Mark Tumminelli. Directed by Carole Dhu. Pinjarra Civic Centre, WA. July 5-6, 2019

Primadonna Productions’ youth troupe presented this very special version of The Addams Family. Young@Part productions are authorised shortened editions of musicals especially designed younger casts, including youth theatres, keeping the spirit of the show intact, while making the show more child friendly, simplifying the musical demands and giving extra tasks to the ensemble.

Primadonna’s cast ranged from 8 to 15 years of age, and worked well together, with great stage technique, excellent focus and bucket loads of enthusiasm.

City of Gold

By Meyne Wyatt. Directed by Isaac Drandic. Co-production by Griffin Theatre and Queensland Theatre. Billie Brown Theatre, Brisbane. 29 June – 20 July.

This first play by Meyne Wyatt is a response to many of the events and losses in his own life and the effects they had on his family. All of this, in many ways, further stressed the feeling that his people – indigenous people from the Kalgoorlie region – are not treated equally. So the storyline goes. Breythe, who is employed doing racist, humiliating commercials in Sydney, returns to the city of gold on the death of his father who, by the way, continues to appear in his dreams.


Books, music and lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. Art in Motion Theatre Company (AIM). Directed by Lys Tickner. Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, Thornlie, WA. July 4-12, 2019

Art in Motion Theatre Company (AIM) is one of Perth’s newest community theatres. Barely a year old, it is aims to serve the City of Gosnells and surrounding suburbs, and Grease is its first full-length adult production.

Lords and Ladies

By Terry Pratchett, adapted by Irana Brown. Roleystone Theatre. Directed by Bradley Towton. Roleystone Hall, Jarrah Rd, Roleystone, WA. 5-13 July, 2019

Roleystone Theatre commenced their temporary residence at the Roleystone Hall with this very popular adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Lords and Ladies. A full house braved the cold (take a blanket and dress warmly) for a fantasy filled evening.


By Jane Austen, adapted by Tim Luscombe. Genesian Theatre Company, Sydney. June 29 – August 17, 2019

Persuading an audience to imagine a performance taking place in a series of different places across the English countryside in the eighteenth century is difficult enough if you have a revolving stage with multiple sets. To do so on a small stage with restricted wing space and a cast of twelve performers is even harder – unless you have someone who can manipulate the audience’s belief with creative sound and lighting. Someone like Mehran Mortezaei.


The Intriguing Case of The Silent Forest

By Mathew Crosby and The Thursday Group. La Mama Courthouse. July 3 – 7, 2019.

The Intriguing Case of The Silent Forest, written and directed by Mathew Crosby, is an astonishingly ambitious show - an exploration of trauma and its long-term effects on the human psyche, created and developed by The Thursday Group collective.

Crosby and company explore experimental and Japanese theatrical traditions including Tadashi Suzuki’s acting methodology in this ‘fractured noir’ murder mystery, developed from a short improvisational piece between Kathleen Doyle and Yoka Jones (The Thursday Group ensemble).

Madame Butterfly

Music Giacomo Puccini. Librettoy by Luigi Illica and Guiseppe Giacosa. Opera Australia. Conductor: Massimo Zanetti. Director: Graeme Murphy. Creative Associate: Janet Vernon. Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House. Une 28 – August 10, 2019.

Opera Australia's new production of Madame Butterfly is beautiful and stunning; a sumptuous treat for the senses and emotions.

I've been specifically tasked to focus on the new tech and video projection OA is using. If this production is anything to go by then OA are on the mark with not only the use of current tech but being the innovators in its development.

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