As You Like It

As You Like It
By William Shakespeare. La Boite. Roundhouse Theatre (Qld). Feb 24 - Mar 24, 2012.

La Boite do it again: another hit!

This show has everything, from bone-crushing wrestling to love stories, songs, and broad comedy.

Director, David Berthold, commented once he could produce anything in the round at La Boite. He’s gone one better; the action takes place in the entire theatre, involving the audience as well in the irrepressibly joyous action.

The passion between the lovers central to the piece, Rosalind (Helen Howard) and Orlando (Thomas Larkin) is palpable – superb performances. Trevor Stuart shines as Jacques and old Adam (whose “All the world’s a stage …” brought instant audience acclaim).

Talented comedy specialists Bryan Probets (Touchstone) and Hayden Spencer (Duke Frederick, Corin and Audrey) keep the audience in stitches, while Luke Cadden, Helen Cassidy, Kathryn Marquet, Dominic Nimo and Kate Wilson competently play the major supporting characters.

Four intern actors from Queensland University of Technology (Thomas Carney, Jerome Meyer, Alec Snow and Mahala Wallace) and four from Southbank Institute of Technology between them covered another dozen parts.

Renée Mulder’s amazing set designs are pivotal to the success of this show. David Walter’s lighting and Guy Webster’s understated, evocative soundscape augment her artistic vision. It would spoil the audience surprises to describe them.

This show season will sell out. It should attract dedicated interstate theatregoers. It’s unlikely to tour. The bold direction and concept, the venue, and brilliant acting combine to create a unique theatre experience.

As you like it?  You bet!

Jay McKee

Images: Thomas Larkin, Thomas Carney & Thomas Larkin, Alec snow and Helen Howard.



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