Schools on Stage

Les Misérables

Scotch College, Adelaide. July 25 - 28, 2012.

The Book of Everything

ST STEPHEN’S School in Duncraig (WA) goes Dutch from August 8 with The Book of Everything.

Adapted by Richard Tulloch from Guus Kuijer’s children’s novel, the play centres on nine-year-old Thomas who makes a record of everything he sees and experiences in the real and spiritual world.


Do you have trouble getting young people interested in the performing arts? Are they spending all their time on Facebook? The Queensland Arts Council has come up with a solution. It’s a touring a play called The Social Me - all about the pitfalls of Facebook. It’s written and directed by Brad Jennings and Steven Maxwell, and produced by Markwell Presents Cinematic Theatre Company.

Stage Whispers: What is Cinematic Theatre?

A Taste of Broadway for Teachers and Students.

Charles Slucki  from Theatrica has a job many show business tragics would kill for. Each year he leads teachers and students on a backstage and front stage tour of Broadway and the West End. Meeting stars is part of the fun.

How long have you been running these tours?

Battle of the Bands by Steven Harris

"It's about every young band's dream... to rock out on the big stage to thousands of screaming fans.  But four young musicians are about to find out that it's a long way to the top! A story of honesty winning over corruption, and live rock 'n roll triumphing over manufactured pop!  With eleven exciting, contemporary songs and a script that will have audiences laughing and clapping along, Battle of the Bandswill give your cast a chance to live out their own dreams of rock stardom!"

Big – The Musical

Kingswood College (Victoria).

Big – The Musical is about the desire to grow up quickly and the importance of enjoying your childhood. It is based on the 1988 film starring Tom Hanks. Kingswood College Box Hill students responded positively to the playful nature of the show. Props like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Silly String and Care Bears give the show a delightfully 80’s feel. The Musical Director adapted the score to suit a small contemporary band but still provide a ‘big’ sound.

Jest at the West

Holy Spirit College, Mackay (Queensland).

Jest at the West by Judith Prior is a fantastic example of the community building experience that can be achieved in rehearsing and producing a theatrical production.

MTC Education 2012

MTC Education 2012 presents Helicopter, a brand new Australian work by recent Sydney Theatre Award-winning playwright Angela Betzien, and Boy Girl Wall, a one-man show travelling from Brisbane after three sell-out seasons.

Students and teachers will gain further access to MTC’s resources through a host of other exciting productions, workshops and events.