John Bucchino for 2018 Adelaide Fringe

John Bucchino for 2018 Adelaide Fringe

Davine Interventionz Productions has confirmed that composer and pianist John Bucchino will be playing for the South Australian Premiere season of IT'S ONLY LIFE during the 2018 Adelaide Fringe festival.

This production focuses on the choices made by artists between their art and their lives on and off the stage. It is a show that moves from distraction and despair to hope.  

Founder of Davine Interventionz and Director of the production David Gauci is excited to create a new vision for this show along with fellow creatives Martin Cheney (Musical Director) and Shenayde Sarti (Choreographer). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the writer/composer.

“I am so happy that John is as excited about this project as we all are,” says David Gauci.

It would seem John is equally as excited; “I’m so thrilled to be participating in the Adelaide Fringe production of my musical revue It’s Only Life. This piece is especially dear to my heart and I love watching audiences respond to it with laughter, tears, recognition, and great enthusiasm. Even better is that this time I get to witness the response from behind the piano in one of my favourite places in the world!”

John will also be holding Q & A sessions after the Wednesday 21 Feb and Thursday 22 Feb shows.

Along with two South Australian casts, John will present this show in the intimate surrounds of Theatre One: The Parks Theatre (Angle Park) for 8 shows from February 20 – 25, 2018. (2pm Matinee Saturday & Sunday, 5.30pm Twilight Show Sunday)

“I’ve been to Adelaide several times, and absolutely love it there. Can’t wait to return, share my musical revue It’s Only Life with Fringe audiences, and make some new friends.”

John will be arriving in time to work with the two casts that will be prepared by the creative team in readiness for the shows.

“There is no A cast or B cast, well there kinda is,” remarks Gauci. “I have called them the ‘J’ cast and ‘B’ cast (as in John Bucchino). These two equally brilliant casts will play different shows and will come together for the final twilight concert version of It’s Only Life on the Sunday 25 Feb.”

Cast ‘John’ will be playing Feb. 20, 22 & 24 at 7.30pm and Feb. 25 at 2pm. Cast ‘Bucchino’ will be playing Feb. 21& 23 at 7.30pm and Feb. 24 at 2pm. Both casts will come together on Feb 25 at 5.30pm for a twilight concert version of the show.

Cast ‘Bucchino’: Eloise QV, Tash Tidey-Stevens, Jared Frost, Harry Nguyen & Joshua Barkley .                        

Cast ‘John’: Carly Meakin, Katie Packer, Lindsay Prodea, Joshua Angeles & Fahad Farooque.

They all will get to work multiple times with John.

“There is one more surprise,” says Gauci. “Everyone who attends the production of ‘It’s Only Life’ during its run here in Adelaide will have the chance to go into a draw to be one of 50 people to go to a second concert on the Monday 26 of February at 7.30pm. This is a ticket that money cannot buy; the Australian premiere of John’s one man show of the Music of Richard Rogers and the Beatles Reimagined.

The only way to be able to go into the running to see that concert is to see It’s Only Life in the week before.



In a theatre of only 160 seats, this is a chance to get up close & personal with acclaimed composer John Bucchino performing alongside some of Adelaide's best performers.