Q Theatre cancels Alienation season

Q Theatre cancels Alienation season

In a media release today, Penrith Performing & Visual Arts and the Q Theatre Company revealed that while they are 'committed to supporting and promoting the works of Australian playwrights such as Lachlan Philpott', they are cancelling their season of Alienation following the controversy surrounding the Perth Theare Company’s production, saying:

“Unfortunately, Lachlan Philpott has raised concerns that he considers the production of Alienation currently showing by the Perth Theatre Company (which was to show in Penrith between 18 and 27 July 2013), does not reflect his original, scripted or communicated intentions as the playwright.  As such the Penrith season of Alienation has been cancelled.

“Penrith Performing & Visual Arts and the Q Theatre Company are committed to supporting and respecting the artistic integrity of all artists associated with Penrith Performing & Visual Arts productions.

“In these circumstances, Penrith Performing & Visual Arts hopes that loyal Q fans, Philpott fans and theatre-goers will understand the necessary cancellation.”

When Kimberley Shaw reviewed the Perth season, she explained that audiences found a note on their seats from Philpott distancing himself from the production. Link to review.

The Australian Writers’ Guild has released the following public statement on behalf of Lachlan Philpott:

Lachlan would like to acknowledge the people who bravely shared their stories and the actors and creative artists who contributed to the current Perth Theatre Company production Alienation in good faith.

However, the current production, while bearing the same name as Lachlan’s script Alienation, is based on a script that had been very significantly altered, to the extent that it does not represent the script of which he is the author.

Therefore, in discussions with the Perth Theatre Company, Lachlan respectfully asked for his name to be removed as the author of this production, and Perth Theatre Company agreed to this. This was done in order to maintain his integrity as the author of the original script and to enable the production to proceed.

The decision was not taken lightly.  It was not done as a result of the type of differences in artistic vision and interpretation that are part of the usual and constructive interplay between artists.  That type of creative rub is something Lachlan continues to wholeheartedly embrace.

On this occasion the copyrighted script on which the production was to be based, was altered to such an extent that Lachlan could not genuinely be called the author of it.

Lachlan retains the authorship of his script Alienation and looks forward to seeing it realised on stage in the future.

Full refunds will be offered to all existing ticket owners or, alternatively, patrons may wish to transfer tickets to either of the two remaining Australian plays on offer at the Q in 2013.