Bittersweet Christmas Comedy at Rockdale

Bittersweet Christmas Comedy at Rockdale

Most Christmas stories are about good cheer and celebration but we all know there is often another side – isolation, depression and despair. Silent Night, Lonely Night by Robert Anderson is a bittersweet comedy of longing and love.

At a rural inn on Christmas Eve Katherine meets John.  Both are estranged from their spouses while circumstances bring them to this isolated place on what they agree is the loneliest night of the year. They both need love.

Director Jim Searle is drawn to the tenderness and thoughtfulness of this play - the fact that it is a study of an encounter between two sensitive people. There is no dependency on production effects such as sound or lighting. It is based purely on the relationship that occurs and may or may not continue after this night. In stark contrast - young honeymooners are also staying at the inn and display all the hope and joy they once had in their youth.

Peggy Leto plays Katherine – her first lead role after many years acting onstage and in production roles such as sound/light operation and stage management.  Peggy is looking forward to really getting her teeth into this challenging role. Her goal is to communicate effectively the inner strength of Katherine as she carries on in life being the best she can be in spite of her circumstances.  Peggy last appeared onstage in The Rose Tattoo.

Barry McMaster is also looking forward to the biggest role he has ever played as John. While Barry has never been through John’s situation he can empathise with him and his struggle to come to grips with guilt and the consequences of a past indiscretion. Barry believes audiences will relate to the moving nature of the play…exploring relationships, fidelity, trust, love, resilience and coping. He believes the playwright Robert Anderson captures very well the elements of human relationship. Barry last appeared onstage in A Bad Year For Tomatoes.

The young honeymooners Philip and Janet are played by Russell Godwin and Eloise Tanti. Russell was last seen onstage as Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Eloise was last onstage in I Hate Hamlet. It is Kai Yan’s debut as Jerry, Katherine’s son. Sue Green plays the role of the maid Mae - sharing the role with Heidi Smith.

Come along and get swept away in this touching, human and deeply moving encounter.

SEASON: October 26 to November 24, 2018

DIRECTOR: Jim Searle


Peggy Leto

Barry McMaster

Eloise Tanti

Russell Godwin

Sue Green

Heidi Smith

Kai Yan

TICKETS: Ticket Prices include refreshments and programme.

  • Adults ... $25
  • Concessions ... $20
  • Theatre Parties (20 people or more) ... $20
  • Special prices for Wednesday Nights – contact bookings.

BOOKINGS: 9521 6358

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