Calendar Girls Strike a Pose at Hunters Hill

Calendar Girls Strike a Pose at Hunters Hill

Mark Twain’s famous adage “truth is stranger than fiction” has never been more evident than in Tim Firth’s play Calendar Girls. We all know the story of a group of ordinary members of a local Women’s Institute who achieve an extraordinary thing, which becomes a world-wide phenomenon.  The story was well chronicled in the 2003 movie and Tim Firth, the screen writer, set about writing a stage version to keep the story alive. Specifically, he wrote the play with community theatre groups in mind. So successful is the stage adaption that generally it is playing somewhere around the world at any given time.

Hunters Hill Theatre’s production this November has a cast including Liz Grindley, Anna Desjardins, Penny Church, Diane Wilson, Elizabeth Lynch, Claudia Bedford, Susan Mozell, Murray Frane, Michael Richmond, Stephanie Georgeson, Greg Thornton and Georgia Golledge. The production is directed by Christopher Hamilton.

Calendar Girls offers a story, full of heart and just a little bare-faced cheek. So strap on your sunflowers, raise your voices singing Jerusalem and throw caution to the wind. It promises to be a cracker of a production!

The production will play at the Hunters Hill Town Hall from November 16th until November 25th, 2018. Bookings can be made via the website

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