Community Theatre

Sydney Premiere of Mod Musical DOWNTOWN!

Rockdale Musical Society, under its new St George Theatre Company banner, stages the Sydney Premiere of DOWNTOWN! - The Mod Musical at Hurstville Entertainment Centre from September 5 – 7, 2013.


That's exactly how it is as ‘senior’ members Bob and Col Peet, Peter Munn, David Glance and John Widdicombe create the stage sets and props for Miranda Musical Society's  Sydney Community Theatre premiere season of The Phantom of the Opera, due to hit the stage at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre  from September 20 to 29.

Welcome to The Phantom in Hobart, your seats are 17,000 km away

One of Australia’s first amateur theatre productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera has had an interesting collision with its long-running fully professional London counterpart.

The Tasmanian Premiere production is playing at the Theatre Royal, Hobart, Australia’s oldest operational theatre and one of few Georgian arts venues in the southern hemisphere.

Producer, Craig Wellington, tells the story...

Steel Magnolias Bloom in Macedon

Macedon’s The Mount Players Theatre Company (Vic) will stage the comedy-drama Steel Magnolias by American playwright Robert Harling from Friday August 25.

Harling wrote the script in the mid-1980s as a way of coping with the loss of his younger sister Susan, who died from complications of diabetes. He placed his story’s emphasis firmly on the love, humour and support of friends and family, through both happy times and when faced with tragedy.

Private Lives: Coward Classic for Adelaide

Adelaide’s Therry Dramatic Society will stage Noël Coward’s Private Lives in August 2013, at The Arts Theatre, Adelaide.

In December 1929, Noël Coward set off on a tour of the Far East. While there, he contracted influenza. He spent part of his convalescence drafting a play, writing the final script in less than four days. He cabled his friend, the celebrated actress Gertrude Lawrence, asking her to keep autumn 1930 free to perform in his new play, Private Lives.

The Phantom of the Opera: Sydney Amateur Premiere for Miranda

Far beneath the majesty and splendour of the Paris Opera House (alias Sutherland Entertainment Centre), hides the Phantom in a shadowy existence. Shamed by his physical appearance and feared by all, the love he holds for his beautiful protégée Christine Daaé is so strong that she cannot resist.

His obsession with his ‘angel of music’ unleashes a diabolical tale of drama, destruction and death – and a unique musical theatrical experience.

The Lady in the Van: SA Premiere for The Stirling Players

Alan Bennett is the renowned writer of such award-winning plays as The History Boys, The Madness of King George and Talking Heads, but in1974 the Beyond the Fringe star had a real-life experience that became the true story behind his poignant, yet very funny play, The Lady in the Van.

on air! on air! World Premiere for Contemporary Comedy

What kind of a guy thrives on taking his work home with him? Peter Maden, that’s who!

Peter, a mild-mannered Media Advertising Guru by day, has taken his day job and turned it into a fast paced, modern comedy.

Set in the offices of CHAOS FM - a “would be if they could be” top city radio station, we get to see the day-to-day workings of the advertising department and experience the behind the scenes “goings on” (or not – as the case may be).

Comedy at Death’s Door Supports Cancer Charity

A GENTLE comedy about a woman dying of bone cancer – and her family coming to terms with it – is the August / September offering from Melville Theatre (WA).

Written by Laura Wade and directed by Susan Lynch, Colder Than Here is the story of Myra and her determination to plan her own funeral while her husband buries his emotions and her two daughters struggle to accept their mother's fate.

As she researches burial spots and bio-degradable coffins, her family is forced to communicate with her as they face up to an unpredictable future.

Sorority House of the Dead

Welcome to 1987 and Rush Week at Hamilton College. The Sorority of Delta Pi Sigma are holding their rushee function and young ladies wanting to become a part of the campus elite have all applied to join. Attendance at this party is mandatory and ladies are just dying to get in.

Dark Psychic Productions and Phoenix Theatre Inc. (Hamilton Hill, WA) present the Australian Premiere of Mitch Brian’s Sorority House of the Dead from August 29, 2013.

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