Mousetrap Presents Cuckoo's Nest

Mousetrap Presents Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nestis an iconic book written by Ken Kesey and first published in 1962.  The theatre script appeared shortly after and the play first opened on Broadway in 1963 with Kirk Douglas as the play’s hero Randle P McMurphy.  The film version appeared in 1975 and won Oscars for best film, Best Male Actor; (Jack Nicholson), Best Female Actor; (Louise Fletcher) Best Director; (Milos Forman) and Best Screenplay; (Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman) and it still heralded today as one of the top 100 films of all time.

The Mousetrap Theatre Company will bring this classic and complex work to the stage in Redcliffe (Qld) in April and May 2018.

The story revolves around McMurphy (Toby Chittenden), a charming rogue and a 'gambling fool' who contrives to serve his short sentence in a mental institution rather than doing hard labour on the prison work farm.

Once he arrives, he plans to take over the place or, as he says, become the 'bull goose loony'.  He befriends the patients but takes particular interest in the young stuttering Billy Bibbit (Liam Hartley) and the deaf and dumb Chief Bromden (Doug Harper).

His plans go off track when he is faced with the head nurse Miss Ratched (Amanda Burgess), a highly experienced psychiatric nurse who runs her ward like a precision clockwork machine.  Ratched does not take well to McMurphy’s hijinks and they clash as McMurphy’s continued antics create more disturbances on the ward.  To Ratched, McMurphy is nothing but a con-man who is scamming the system and threatening the patient's welfare but to the patients he is almost the messiah sent to free them from the horrors of the ward and Miss Ratched, as well as help them overcome their own short-comings.  As the actions and reactions continue to escalate it becomes clear that there can only be one winner, but who?

The play also features an array of patients giving rise to a large cast of 15 on stage.

While a play set in a mental hospital might seem strange subject matter, it is a beautifully written play that touches on a variety of topics with both pathos and humour.  There is however some strong language and sexual references.  The play is not suitable for young children.

For bookings phone 0439 954 719 or


April - 27, 28 at 7.30pm

May - 4,5,11,12 at 7.30pm

Matinees - April 29 & May 6,13 at 2.00pm


Adults - $20; Concession - $17; Child (under 14) - $14; Family (2A,2C) - $54; Financial & Recriprocal Members - $12.

Image: Randle P. McMurphy (Toby Chittenden), taking on Nurse Ratched (Amanda Burgess). Photographer: June Tretheway.

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