Princess Ida for Adelaide

Princess Ida for Adelaide

Strong women tackle masculine bravado as SA Light Opera presents Gilbert and Sullivan’s topsy turvy operetta Princess Ida during August and September 2019. 

Director Maria Davis promises to bring new life to this operetta. “I’m so excited and really proud of our cast. Ida is strong, bold, and fearless like the goddess Minerva, and all her life she has been told she is to marry a man she hasn’t met! She escapes and starts an all-women’s university to teach fellow women all about the perils of tyrannic man – of course.” 

The South Australian Light Opera Society has been presenting operetta and musical productions since 1983 and members give their time and talents to bring life to many well loved shows.   

This satire about the feminist movement, chauvinism and militarism is set in medieval times, where King Hildebrand (Greg Paterson) and Prince Hilarion (Jason Wandel) await the arrival of King Gama (Damon Hill) and his daughter, Princess Ida (Kiera Turner). Hilarion and Ida were betrothed 20 years earlier and they are now to be reunited and married.

When Gama arrives, it is without the princess, who has fled to Castle Adamant where she has set up a women's university.  Instead he is accompanied by his three warrior sons, Arac (Robert Maher), Guron (Aslan Storm) and Scynthius (Andrew Trestrail). Hildebrand is furious that Princess Ida has not arrived, and that Gama has broken their agreement, so he imprisons Gama and his three sons.

Meanwhile, Hilarion and his two friends, Cyril (Ben Fleming) and Florian (Samuel James), venture to Castle Adamant, disguised as women, and sneak into the university. There Florian is discovered by his sister, Lady Psyche (Danielle Ruggiero-Prior). The men confide in Psyche and she agrees to keep their secret. This doesn't last long, as Melissa (Stephanie Foy) discovers the new students aren't women. Never having seen a man before, Melissa is fascinated by them and convinces her ambitious mother, Lady Blanche (Sandra Fameli), that if she one day wants to rule the roost, it is in her best interest to keep the secret.

Princess Ida is directed by Maria Davis, director of last year’s SA Light Opera production of Patience, with choreography by Vinuri Gange and musical direction by Helen Loveday.

The production opens on August 23, at the Tower Arts Centre, corner Goodwood Road and Daws Road, Pasadena. Tickets are from only $15 - $28 and may be booked by calling Pam Tucker on 8294 6582. Updates can be found on

When: August 23, 29, 30, 31 at 8:00 pm
August 24, 25, 31, September 1 at 2:00 pm


Adults $28 
Concession, Matinees $25 
Children $15 

Bookings – call Pam Tucker 8294 6582

Image: Kiera Turner as Princess Ida

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