Steel Magnolias Steals Hearts at Castle Hill

Steel Magnolias Steals Hearts at Castle Hill

Set in the 1980s in Truvy’s hair salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana, this play will warm your heart and leave you feeling cosy and content right to the very end. Directed by Valerie Miller, Steel Magnolias follows the trials and tribulations of the six friends over three years. The soul of the play focuses on the loving companionship and solidarity the six women have between them. These Southern gals are there for each other as they sling witty sayings and tease each other. They gossip, declare their sermons about laid-back or inattentive husbands and share their experiences of living in a good ol’ Southern town.

The play opens with sassy Truvy who has a heart as big as … well her hair, hiring young and flaky Annelle on the day of Shelby’s wedding. In the first scene we are introduced to the pretty and kind-hearted Shelby, smart-mouth Clairee, Shelby’s devoted mother M’Lynn and cantankerous Ouiser. Theyare strong, resilient, good humoured, supportive, quick-witted and brave. Like the title, these ladies are delicate yet made of steel.

Robert Harling who wrote Steel Magnolias as a loving tribute to his sister; the playgives rise to moments that are warm, sassy, hilarious and memorable.  The “bumper sticker” lines and witty remarks are outrageously funny.

Steel Magnolias continues Castle Hill Players commitment in bringing unforgettable characters and appealing stories to the Pavilion Theatre stage during 2015.Tickets can be booked online at Steel Magnolias opens on Friday 31 July 2015 and runs until Saturday 22 August 2015. Tickets price: $21/$26.

Image: From left to right: 

Standing: Emily Richardson (Annelle), Samantha Camilleri (Shelby) and Jacqui Wilson (Truvy)

Sitting: Margaret Olive (Clairee), Elizabeth Gilbert (Ouiser) and Alison Chambers (M’Lynn)

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