Where’s Poirot?

Where’s Poirot?

Hunters Hill, NSW – Hunters Hill Theatre (HHT) sets sail on their 2019 season with the Agatha Christie classic, Murder on the Nile

Kay Ridgeway (Courtney Gibson) has it all; youth, beauty and great wealth. With her handsome husband Simon (Blake Eaton) and feisty maid Louise (Prudence Foxe) in tow, she boards the paddle-steamer ‘Lotus’ for a honeymoon cruise. But it’s not all smooth sailing and the trip soon takes a deadly turn. Without the great Hercule Poirot, the remaining passengers must scramble to piece it all together before the murderer strikes again. Under suspicion are fellow passengers, including the indomitable Miss ffoliot-ffoulkes (Jan Johnson); her spirited niece Miss Grant (Bettina Girdler); the zealous Canon Pennefather (Ross Alexander); the dogged Dr Bessner (Darrell Hoffman); the enigmatic Jacqueline de Severac (Bernadette Hook), and the sardonic Smith (Todd Beilby). ‘Lotus’ staff including the patient steward (Jim Burns) and the capable Captain (Peter Gizariotis) attempt to keep the passengers under control. But of course, things are never what they seem, and tension rises like the heat of the desert as motive and means are discovered, and a complex plot is laid bare. 

Agatha Christie, one of the best-selling authors of all time, adapted her novel ‘Death on the Nile’ into the play we now know as Murder on the Nile. Jennifer Willison, time directing for Hunters Hill Theatre for a third time, following last year’s Death Knell, and 2017’s A Letter from the General, says “I chose Murder on the Nile precisely because Poirot isn’t in it, so the audience won’t get distracted by the presence of Poirot and can focus on the intricacies of the plot”.

So, time to fire up your grey cells and see if you can work out whodunit before the passengers disembark. 

MURDER ON THE NILE by Agatha Christie 

Production Dates: 15 – 24 March 2019 

Evenings: Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm, Matinees: Saturday & Sunday at 2pm 

Hunters Hill Town Hall, 22 Alexandra Street, Hunters Hill.

Bookings: www.huntershilltheatre.com.auor (02) 9879 7765.

Image: Ross Alexnader, Blake Eaton and Courtney Gibson.

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