Comedy of Masks a Crowd Pleaser

“Supplying Commedia dell ‘Arte masks and Pasquale the puppet for Commeartefo’s production of Antonio Sacchi, L’Arlecchino di Carlo Goldoni, Servant of Two Masters was a special thrill,” said Tessa Wallis, designer and maker at Masks & Puppets Plus.
Commeartefo’s performance added dramatic flair to Melbourne’s Italian Festival last year. It was also the 300th anniversary of the birth of author Carlo Goldoni, one of Italy’s most famous playwrights.
Italians consider Goldoni as the author who carried dramatic art to its highest point of perfection. His dialogue is extremely animated, earnest and full of meaning, and with a very exact knowledge of the national manners he combined the rare faculty of giving a lively picture of them on the stage."
Commeartefo’s actors certainly provided lively entertainment for an appreciative audience during the Italian Festival.
Simonetta Magnani, Director of the Italian Institute of Culture, Melbourne, happily supported the artistic programme created by Mimmo Mangione, Director of Commeartefo Theatre Company.
“It permits both the Australian and the Italo-Australian public to view a very good Italian theatre production in the spirit of cultural promotion celebrating the anniversary of one of the greatest Italian playwrights”.
Mask maker Tessa Wallis provided local input for “The Servant of Two Masters”.
“I was thrilled that my masks were chosen by the director, Mimmo Mangione, especially when he could have imported Venetian masks along with the costumes. I am happy that the Commedia masks selected from my range were appropriate for different characters in this excellent performance. The masks are inspired by ancient Italian designs, and they are sculpted to bring out the personality of the characters they depict, said Tessa. I enjoy the challenge of creating designs and custom building masks and puppets for theatre companies and those who support Australian Theatre Arts”.