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Subscribe to Stage Whispers (for a minimum one year Print Edition at $39.50 or 2 years electronic edition $39) and receive one of the *Double Passes, *CDs,  *DVDs BLURays or  *Books listed below.


* NOTE - Please nominate three choices, as there are only limited quantities of all Double Passes CDs, DVDs and Books.


• A Double Pass to see Van Gogh Alive at Royal Hall of Industries, adjacent to the Entertainment Quarter,  Moore Park, from September 18 - 25.

Click here to read more about Van Gogh Alive


• A DVD set of Marple Series 1 - 3 (Courtesy of ViaVision)

Marple set only available with print subscriptions of 2 years and more.


• A DVD set of Rich Man, Poor Man (Courtesy of ViaVision)


• A DVD set of Brideshead Revisited (Courtesy of ViaVision)



• A Bluray set of Monty Python's Flying Circus (Courtesy of ViaVision)

   Monty Python set only available with print subscriptions of 2 years and more - only 3 copies available.


• A DVD of Georgy Girl (Courtesy of ViaVision)



• Face to Face CD - Hayden Tee


• A DVD of The Big Chill (Courtesy of ViaVision)



• A DVD of The Last of the Blonde Bombshells (Courtesy of ViaVision)\



• A DVD of Somewhere in Time (Courtesy of ViaVision)



• A DVD of Angela’s Ashes (Courtesy of ViaVision)




• Gable and Lombard - DVD (Courtesy of ViaVision)




• Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980) – DVD (Courtesy of ViaVision)



• Glitter (2002) – DVD (Courtesy of ViaVision)



La Bamba - BluRay. (Courtesy of ViaVision)




• Ned Cast Recording CD




A Bronx Tale - Blu-ray (Courtesy of ViaVision)




Paris by Jon English and David Mackay, Double Album CD London Symphony.



• Australia Day by Jonathan Biggins - Script


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• Hyperspace – Star Wars Musical Parody - Script

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• Broadway Cast lucky dip - a random pick from various CDs


As stocks of some CDs, DVDs Blurays and Books are limited, please indicate 3 choices. 


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