Undecided: A Multiple Choice Musical

By John McPherson and James Palm, with music by John McPherson. Fringe World. Directed by John McPherson. Rehearsal Room One, State Theatre Centre of WA. Jan 25-30, 2021

If you have ever enjoyed reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you will love this world premiere musical playing at the State Theatre Centre as part of Fringe World. Undecided: A Multiple Choice Musical allows the audience to decide the fates of the characters - meaning that there are multiple ways the show can play out.

Using their mobile phone, audience members vote on a choice of two scenarios at various points in the show, which changes how the plot will progress. 

Speakeasy Story

By Serge Le Goueff and Paula Renée. Fringe World. The Gold Digger, The Girls School, East Perth, WA. Jan 18-24, 2021

Mr and Mrs Smith, a jazz duo from WA’s south west, presented this tribute to the Speakeasy in The Gold Digger for Fringe World.

Great accessible jazz is presented with a history of the speakeasies, in a show that entertains and informs. The Fringe World version of this show is an hour-long version of what is usually a two hour show, but feels complete and satisfying in this format.


By Rebecca Fingher. Fringe World Festival. Directed by Mitchell Whelan. Rehearsal Room 1, State Theatre Centre of WA. Jan 25-30, 2021

This world premiere by Rebecca Fingher was developed in the ATYP Fresh Ink program for emerging writers. Presented by the author in conjunction with Lazy Yarns, it is playing for a short season in Rehearsal Room 1 as part of the Fringe World Festival.

An examination of women, violence and the end of the world, WHAT OF IT subverts the expectations of feminist theatre, in this gender swapped drama where “Girls will be girls aye bruv”.

Me Too! The Musical

By Louise Plant, Stacey Broomhead and Dan Smith. Fringe World Festival. Directed by Michael McCall. The Art Room, The Girls School, East Perth, WA. Jan 15-24, 2021

With the emergence of the Me Too! movement, it was only a matter of time before we got Me Too! The Musical, billed as a show which "hits hard and fast at the outrageous and horrifying behaviours women have had to endure over time and the impact it has on the women of today”.


Written and directed by Tim Lorian. Fringe World. Room 2:04 at the Girls School, East Perth, WA. Jan 15-29, 2021

Prismatic is an intriguing monologue play set in a karaoke bar called Prismatic. Through well-performed interconnected monologues - from a very promising, emerging writer - we meet three fascinating karaoke performers and get an insight into their lives and loves.

I am Playing Me

By David Gray, Bec Pearce and Ryan Dawson. Fringe World Festival. Connections Nightclub, Northbridge, WA. Jan 15-16, 2021

I am Playing Me is about the way that musical theatre performers find that musical theatre songs seem to resonate with their lives. A great way for people to start their Fringe World Festival experience, I Am Playing Me, presented by Arise Productions, ran for just two early evening sessions on the first two days of this Fringe season.

The Boy From Oz

By Nick Enright, featuring the music of Peter Allen. Platinum Entertainment. Directed by Drew Anthony. Crown Theatre, Perth, WA. Jan 22 - Feb 6, 2021

The Boy From Oz is a huge exciting celebration of the life of Peter Allen. Platinum Entertainment gives us a production that dazzles and delights its Covid Capacity audiences. Highly polished, expertly and excitingly performed - this production is a treat.

The House on Fire at the Edge of the World

Book, music & lyrics by Conor Neylon & Jackson Peele. Directed by Jackson Peele. Musical direction Conor Neylon. Theatre Works Glasshouse, St Kilda. 20 – 24 January 2021

The House on Fire at the Edge of the World is the second music theatre show from WAAPA graduates Jackson Peele and Conor Neylon after their well-received The Beep Test.  Here, we have a ‘contemporary folk music’ theatre piece that successfully combines various musical styles and a book that has elements of melodrama, fairy tale, magic realism, comedy, absurdity, whimsy and adventure all to create an epic journey for its protagonist. 

All the Ways To Tell You

By Emily Burton, Bec Weldon, Ella Thompson and Lachlan McNeil. All The Ways Theatre Company / Fringe World. After Dark Studios, Pier St, Perth. Jan 21-23, 2021

All the Ways To Tell You is a devised theatrical work, brought to Fringe World for a short season by new company, All The Ways Theatre Company. Gentle, honest and sweet, it looks at all the ways to tell people how you feel about them. 

After Dark, a new Fringe venue for 2021, is an intimate venue, which is up 57 stairs - and feels like a space where you might see slam poetry or folk music - which is appropriate, as there are elements of both in this interesting little piece.

Spirit: A Retrospective 2021

Bangarra Dance Theatre. Sydney Festival. The Headland at Barangaroo Reserve. January 20 – 24, 2021

Nature and Indigenous spirits are powerfully invoked in this Bangarra dance retrospective staged for the Sydney Festival so rightly on the Headland in the Barangaroo Reserve. 

Against Jacob Nash’s beautiful forest and landscape backdrops, etched against blazes of colour, 20 dancers perform snippets from nine works. The vast headland stage is flanked by side screens offering closeup views of the dancers – and the intensity on their faces.