Scenic Projections

Music Theatre International (MTI) and Broadway Media are set to offer digital scenery for MTI’s top 20 titles in their Australasia theatrical licensing region.

Scenic ProjectionsTM are full-show digital scenery packages that can be projected onto a screen or surface behind onstage performers as a backdrop. The product notably follows the official licensed script.

Designed to make great production values simple and more affordable than traditional set design, Broadway Media’s offering combines their free, projection cueing software with beautiful artwork that includes all the scenes, settings and special effects in the script. 

At launch, Scenic Projections will be available in animated or still image variants for Music Theatre International (Australasia)’s 20 most popular full-length and Broadway Junior titles.

“Our customers in the U.S. have really embraced Scenic Projections as a resource. We’ve heard countless testimonials from the theatres we serve about how easy and effective the Scenic Projections are to use and how they have greatly enhanced their productions,” said John Prignano, MTI’s Chief Operating Officer and Director of Development and Education.

“MTIA are thrilled to be able to offer our valued schools and community theatres across Australia and New Zealand this outstanding resource to assist our clients with staging their productions,” continues Stuart Hendricks, Managing Director of MTI Australasia. 

“Scenic Projections is the tool you need to elevate your production values, all from the touch of a button, at an affordable price. We are excited to keep offering you new resources to bring the magic of theatre to your school or community.”

MTI says the program is designed for straightforward integration into amateur theatre and schools.  It states that a combination of simple, intuitive software, free how-to resources, and customer support from like-minded theatre makers makes it easy to take the first step into projections for theatre. For more information about Scenic Projection Show Packages visit

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