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Eurobeat - The Pride of Europe

Music Theatre International, Australasia has announced the release for licensing of the musical Eurobeat - The Pride of Europe.

Stuart Hendricks, Managing Director of Music Theatre International, Australasia, said that "Eurobeat - The Pride of Europe is not just a musical; it's a celebration of diversity and the joyous expressions of individuality witnessed at the Eurovision Song Contest.”

The show is performed with backing tracks, making it accessible for groups of all sizes.

The audience actively participates in the show by voting for their favourite performance. Votes are tallied, and in true Eurovision-style, the audience are guided through 'live' crosses to each country, leading to the declaration of a winner.

MTIA interviewed the composer Craig Christie.

What is your favourite part of the writing process?

I find creating a clever rhyme very satisfying. I’m a real stickler for proper rhymes in my lyrics, and when you can find the right words to match a particular melodic hook you have created, there’s a real feeling of achievement.

When did the idea of Eurobeat first come about?

It was in November 2003 that the original show was put together with songs by myself and Andrew Patterson in a riotous, chaotic co-op staged at Chapel Off Chapel under the title Eurovision - the Musical (which we had to change for copyright reasons).

So what's the idea behind this new version of Eurobeat?

The new version of Eurobeat, apart from reflecting some of the recent trends and ideas of the actual competition, was created to celebrate diversity. It was suggested to me by a colleague in London who wanted to put together a Eurobeat-style show using existing songs for a pub venue popular with the LGBTQI community.

What does our theatre community have to look forward to in this new version of the show?

Over-the-top songs, the opportunity for hilarious interpretations of the numbers and cultural stereotypes, and of course, the audience voting for the winner at every performance. Eurobeat - The Pride of Europe also introduces some characters that fans of Eurovision will recognize – the straight-faced officials, the confusing cultural references and characters - and provides the opportunity for every production to put its own stamp on how each entry is interpreted and presented.

Out of all the songs that you've written for the various versions of this show, do you have any standout favourite(s)?

I must say I was really happy to use the song The World Is My Dance Floor in this new Eurobeat. I wrote this song about thirty years ago as an homage to one of my favourite disco tracks from the '70s, From New York To LA.

For more information and licensing inquiries, please visit MTI Australasia's Eurobeat: The Pride of Europe page.


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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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Christopher, fifteen years old, stands beside Mrs Shears' dead dog. It has been speared with a garden fork, it is seven minutes after midnight, and Christopher is under suspicion. He records each fact in the book he is writing to solve the mystery of who murdered Wellington. He has an extraordinary brain and is exceptional at maths, but he is ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. Christopher's detective work takes him on a frightening journey that turns his world upside-down.


Ruby Moon

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Gretel The Musical

Book and Lyrics by Jason Tremblay and Suzan Zeder. Music and lyrics by Jenn Hartmann Luck
Full Length Musical, Drama, Comedy, TYA
Cast size: 1 to 4M, 2 to 6F

Before there was Hansel, there was Gretel! Based on the Russian source that is the origin story of the tale, this musical focuses on the girls and women at the centre of the adventure.
Featuring folk/rock music, the songs capture the darkness but also the humour and humanity of Gretel's journey to fetch the skull of undying light from Baba Yaga, one of the most fascinating witches of all time.



MILF - the musical

Created by Sally Knight
Cast: 3F, 3M + ensemble

Full Length Musical, Romantic Comedy, Australian, Comedy, Present Day, Contemporary

MILF the musical is a comedy following the journey of mother and wife Kate Esther, a successful fashion designer turned popular fashion influencer known as @FashionEsther, loved and hated for her honest no holds barred content.
The musical is about Kate's whirlwind personal life, her mother's venture into the world of online dating and her sister Cleo's divorce.
MILF the musical showcases the highs and lows of her journey, the challenges she faces, and her unwavering determination to succeed.








Theatre Restaurant Not So Naughty

Writer Judith Prior explains how she has adapted her plays for the times.

Writing comedy today is quite a challenge. Many of the jokes we laughed at twenty years ago would be considered cringeworthy today.

Some of you may be familiar with my very popular theatre restaurant scripts, available through David Spicer Productions. These were all written many years ago with adult audiences in mind, and, as expected, many of the jokes are quite risqué.

To reach a wider audience, and so that I could take my grandchildren to see all my shows, I have adapted some of my funniest, and most popular, scripts to a more PC acceptable format, leaving in (almost all) the very funniest jokes. These new scripts have all been performed here in Bundaberg, and were very well received by appreciative audiences, young and old. Each show has one simple set and runs for one hour with the option of an interval.

They may be split into two 30 min acts or run continuously. 

The Cowboy Show is adapted from Jest at the West and Jest Call Me Cowboy. Fun and games at the Silver Slipper Saloon.  Can Maggie May pay her mortgage? Will the movie director from the city cast his movie using the local characters? Can the Sheriff avoid the amorous advances of Little White Dove?

The Egyptian Show is adapted from Wink at the Sphinx. Can the Pharaoh marry off his two daughters, Fatima, and Charisma?  Will the magic carpet really fly for the ancient genie?

One Way Ticket to Australia is adapted from Sailing South. The prisoners are not looking forward to landing in Australia but many an adventure causes hilarity. The prisoners make a mockery of the inept captain and his first officer.

The Golden Wedding is adapted from Uncle Jack. Socialite daughter Claire has organized a huge social event. Dad announces that mum has left town, with his brother Jack. Gran is deaf and keeps interrupting, and somebody has spiked the punch. The slightly tipsy Vicar is valiantly trying to keep order. Just your average happy family celebration.  

Photo Wild Bill from The Cowboy Show