Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions.
What do theatre groups and schools commonly ask when they contact performing rights agents?
Kim Ransley at ORiGiN Theatrical Pty Ltd is frequently asked these questions.
Can we video our production?
“Our advice to customers is to contact us and ask the question as all shows have different regulations in relation to video rights.
“For example we have video rights available for a number of shows such as South Pacific, the King and I, Buddy Holly Story and Shout!
“All the shows we license from the catalogue of Theatrical Rights Worldwide in New York have a video and merchandise license available.”
We need a show but not sure how to go about choosing one?
“We are more than happy to talk through ideas and shows suitable for your needs and can provide perusal materials, consisting of the script and vocal score as well as recordings in some instances. Our web page and links are good tools to use as well as our free printed catalogues on shows and plays.”
Among the most frequent questions Erin Matheson at Hal Leonard Australia is asked is where can you obtain the puppets for Little Shop of Horrors? Her answer.
“Whilst we don't hire the puppets ourselves, if someone is interested in obtaining them we're usually able to give the names of companies or schools who may have performed the show recently. In most cases it's relatively easy to find a company with a set of the puppets available to hire.
“In addition, when performing Little Shop a client would also receive a set of blueprints in their rehearsal set. It has a complete guide about how to make their own Audrey Two puppets.”
Erin offers the following frequently given advice.
“If you need ideas for a show, we are happy to discuss that with you. All of our team are experienced theatre practitioners who are always happy to help you out.
“If you are looking for sets or costumes to hire, you can visit the ‘Links’ page of our website for current information. Or contact us, as we can often put you in contact with companies or schools who have performed the show before.”
“If you would like to advertise costumes or sets for hire, we can often place a link to your company on our website.”