The Great Emu War

In 1932, in Warralakin Western Australia, land given to World War One veterans was being over-
run by Emus. The army was sent in to fight the birds. Playwright Xavier Coy has penned a satire,
The Great Emu War, based on what he says is the most ridiculous story in Australian history.
ORiGiN Theatrical has published this new play (5M and 2W), which is also available for sale at
Book Nook.
“When I read about the true story of The Royal Australian Artillery being sent out to WA to wage war
on an animal that is on our coat of arms, I couldn’t believe what I was reading,” says Xavier Coy. Not
only did it seem like an insane waste of resources, but it spoke to a deeper issue that we are facing
in the world right now, climate change.
“For me this story was about Man vs Nature. There is no way for the people who populate the planet to overcome the might of Mother Nature. I wanted to give a voice to the animals. We, of course, have intruded on their natural habitat and had the arrogance to believe that we can destroy anything to get what we want.
“The Great Emu War is a satire of many elements of Australian society. I wanted to explore, among many things, the fragility of the male ego and masculinity and our relationship with alcohol. On a global level I wanted to satirize the frivolous attitude we have when it comes time to go to war.”
In the first scene, Major Meredith gives a speech to Parliament.
I address you in parliament today to warn you of one of nature’s new enemies to Man. The emu. In the noble pursuit of rewarding our soldiers who risked their lives for our nation we have been met with a rather pernicious beast whose interests seem to be solely in destroying the crops planted by our heroes. Make no mistake. This is war.
Standing erect at six feet and two inches and weighing up to fifty kilograms, these flightless emblems of chaos are a scourge on society at large. We simply cannot sit idly by and let these long-necked f…s run riot over this great nation of ours! I apologize for my language thus far ladies and gentlemen, I um...I lose myself sometimes. Where was I...?

Ah yes! Today, I put to you here in Parliament, a motion to take back our Australia. To put nature back in its box, to send the emu, our nation’s worthless thief of honest labour’s work, into oblivion and give our brave veterans a chance to live in prosperity and good health without the fear of feathery freaks decimating their crops and their livelihood.
I ask Parliament for the assistance of the Royal Australian Artillery to take charge, to take back enemy lines and once again, make nature take a back seat. To make Australia great again. To make
nature cower to the might of Man.