Masks and Puppets Plus… Sculptures

Tessa Wallis is known around theatre and school circles for her beautiful Commedia dell’arte masks. What is not so well known is her talent in bronze.

A bronze statue is one of the best ways to ensure a person's legacy will never be forgotten. Roslyn Lindsay decided such a statue would be a fitting tribute to her husband Reg the well-known country music star.

“Making a likeness of a person in bronze is a demanding task,” said Tessa. “Roslyn gave me a poster and asked me to make a likeness. It was only when the sculpture was just about complete that I managed to get the facial likeness convincingly.

“It is physically difficult to create a larger than life model of a person wearing a suit and hat and playing a guitar.”

As she honed her sculptural skills making masks, Tessa gradually taught herself the art of sculpture on a larger scale.

The “Plus” in her business, Masks & Puppets Plus, refers to the extension of mask making skills which rely heavily on sculpture and mould making.

“I was confident I could do the job as I already have a couple of major works in bronze installed at the State Library of Victoria,” said Tessa. “I am delighted that Roslyn is happy with the sculpture. It is certainly a lasting tribute to Reg Lindsay and his country music.”

The bronze statue of Reg Lindsay “Standing Tall” was unveiled at the East Cessnock Bowling Club in March 2015.

Image: Reg Lindsay Standing Tall by Tessa Wallis. Photo Ric Wallis.