So You Want To Shoot An Actor?

Creating a realistic bullet hit on stage has always been a challenge.

Hitting a ziplock bag with a hand sometimes works, or starts to leak well before the effect is required, providing a surprise for both the actor and the audience.

Standard pyrotechnic bullet hits require a suitably licensed person to rig and fire, plus there is the potential of shrapnel from the bullet hit itself.

A far safer way is the use of Air Squib Systems. These use compressed air to make an extremely realistic or way over the top Tarantino effect. Anyone can use these systems.

Rigs are strapped to the actor and in most cases can be fired by the actor at the required moment. Sound effects add the “bang”. No need for ear plugs. 

Geelong Fireworks stock a range of air squib units, from single shots, to front entry and back exits or shotgun shots. Larger units that hold up to 2 litres of blood mix. They also supply a great blood mix for theatre or movies. Some units can also be used to “shoot” dust, polystyrene foam for collapsing walls and allow you to “break” flower pots or vases etc.

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