Boom Time for Actors

Dean Carey, the director of Actors Centre Australia says there’s never been a better time to experience and embrace the performing arts.

The most ancient art form is the performing arts. For thousands of years people have needed and wanted to express and communicate feelings and ideas. The world revolves around how we communicate and the quality of that communication. Therefore, the skills borrowed from the performing arts can transform many aspects of our lives and our careers.

Never has communication, collaboration and confidence been more widely required in the business world. Most people aren’t simply employees any longer, but are asked to present, lead teams, guide initiatives, pitch new ideas, usher in change, and become brand ambassadors for their company in varied ways. Performing arts skills foster an aliveness, engagement and connectedness unlike any other art form, stimulating new thinking and ushering in creative and personal development.

And for actors, the industry worldwide is changing in exciting ways: in 2005 the US made 200 scripted shows. This year the US industry is making 750. Netflix alone is spending eight billion dollars in 2018 creating new material. Amazon is spending four billion. 

The industry is exploding, and actors are in a unique position for the first time since the industry first began. Demand for skilled talent has never been greater as the industry can’t get enough content to fill the screens.

In 2018, Actors Centre is opening its door with new courses and a new event to unlock people’s potential

and share the performing arts experience.

Join Dean on January 22nd for a  two hour free event.

You’ll discover:

•    The paradigm for high performance

•    Our internal self-image and how to transform it

•    Skill-Sets vs Mind-Sets

•    What holds human beings back from achievement

•    The ONE question that can change any outcome

•    The FIVE performing principles that create success.

Actors Centre Australia is also launching its new 10 week programs for KIDS, CORPORATE leaders and ACTORS to bring the magic and power of the performing arts to all.

For all information on the Actors Centre, on Dean’s UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL January event and his new suite of programs for 2018, visit:

Image: Actors Centre Graduate Production. Directed by Gale Edwards.