A Circus Journey

The WA Circus School (WACS) has been around for over 10 years, tucked away in the west end of arty Fremantle. In that time thousands of children, teens and adults have been taught the skills behind circus art forms such as Static Trapeze, Adagio, Tissu, Acrobatics and Manipulation. One such child, come teen, come adult is Brenna Day, performer, student, trainer at the WA Circus School and science student.

Brenna recently headed over to Melbourne to perform her Lyra act in the Australian Burlesque Festival, following her performance at the 2012 Perth International Burlesque Festival. The Lyra, a suspended aerial hoop, requires grace, flexibility and strength to perform, skills that Brenna acquired in her 11 years at the WA Circus School.

Brenna’s circus journey began when she turned 11. Having learnt dance since she was two, Brenna took to circus like a duck to water, joining the teen classes where she learnt aerials and acrobatics.

Over the years Brenna was proficient enough to be accepted into the young artists program ‘Sliderz Youth Circus’. She is now employed at the school as a trainer of teen aerial classes and aerial adult beginners courses, balanced with performance opportunities and also working in the Medical Physics department at Royal Perth Hospital after getting her Bachelor of Science in physics and chemistry. 

When asked what it was about WACS that kept her coming back year after year, Brenna answered simply “because it’s fun”. She got to a point where to “give up was not an option” as circus had become a continual part of her life, a place where the physical meets the artistic.

The people and trainers play a huge role in why Brenna and other students continue to come back to WACS year after year.

The WA Circus School runs classes and courses for ages 3 years to adults from their circus training space in Fremantle. They also run Outreach Workshops for schools, community groups, and corporate teams tailoring the workshops to specific needs.

For more information about WACS visit the website www.circuswa.comor contact WACS by email wacs@circuswa.com