JMC Expands to Melbourne and Brisbane

A new Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) course - launched in Sydney by the JMC Academy in 2020 – has been expanded to include Melbourne and Brisbane. 

All campuses are located in central city locations and have been upgraded to include designated theatre spaces including a blackbox theatre, rehearsal space, dance studio and auditorium.

One of the first Sydney graduates, Steven Ljubović sings the course’s praises“The connections I made whilst studying at JMC were the most important connections I’ve ever made in my life.”

After graduating from JMC Acting in 2021, Steven jumped straight into the world of performance, first landing a touring Shakespeare role, and is working as a director, choreographer, consensual movement coordinator, and producer.

Steven founded the physical theatre company MERAK, which is named after the Serbian word which refers to the ‘feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from life’s simplest pleasures’. 

Following MERAK’s first production, Mortel, Steven was also invited to join the Directors Lab at Sydney’s Darlinghurst Theatre Company, to work on the history-making production Overflow by Travis Alabanza, where the entire creative team and cast were trans/gender diverse.

Speaking about the opportunity in Rolling Stone, Steven said, “this is the first time an Australian mainstage theatre production has ever done this. I was lucky enough to work very closely with director Dino Dimitriadis as an associate director on this production.”

Steven will be the first to say that a career in acting isn’t all just about performing on stage, and credits JMC for helping them to prepare for the nitty-gritty of the acting world.

“I learned everything from script analysis, to movement, to voice, to singing. Acting for screen. Acting for motion-capture. Acting for animation… We’re in the twenty-first century and I think they [JMC] absolutely understand that and they’ve tailored the course to really prepare you for the industry”.

The Head of Acting, Glen Hamilton, said, “Steven’s story is a special one to us, because their time at JMC speaks not only to the skills they have learned during their studies, but also of the personal development they underwent during their time here.”

“Finding your feet as a creative is tough enough from a skills perspective, but learning to step into your creativity and embrace the limits of yourself and your creativity is another test entirely. Watching Steven step into the spotlight, literally and figuratively, is truly what makes up the heart of what JMC aims to give to its students,” he said.

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