Female of the Species at Hunters Hill

Female of the Species at Hunters Hill

Alone in her country cottage Margot Mason, Feminist, writer and fearless academic is trying to write her next life-altering bestseller. Enter Molly an idealist student who is deeply affected by Margot’s writings. A dedicated fan? Not quite ... a wicked comedy that proves that the female of the species is not only deadlier, but funnier than the male! A play on 2022 HSC Curriculum - a must-see for students!

The Female of the Species was first performed in 2006 by the Melbourne Theatre Co. A satire about celebrity feminists, the plot is loosely inspired by a real-life incident in 2000, when author Germaine Greer was taken hostage at gun point in her own home by a disturbed, infatuated student.  Internationally acclaimed playwright Murray-Smith explores the false safety of the middle classes. Her sense of humour explodes in this farce about motherhood, handcuffs and feminism.


Jennifer Willison


Margo: Catherine Potter

Molly: Bettina Girdler

Tess: Tonia Davis

Bryan: Anthony Slaven

Frank: Dan Ferris

Theo: Michael Richmond

The Female of the Species

Hunters Hill Theatre

Evening and weekend matinee performances

17 June – 3 July

Performing at Club Ryde: 728 Victoria Road, Ryde



9879 7765

Image Left to Right: Margo (Catherine Potter); Theo (Michael Richmond); Molly (Bettina Girdler); Tess (Tonia Davis); Frank (Dan Ferris) and Bryan (Anthony Slaven).

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