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Memories of Margaret Thomson

Arthur Pickering remembers a beloved stalwart of Sydney community musical theatre.

The last show at the old Capitol Theatre, and the first Bankstown Theatrical Society show I saw, was Brigadoon in 1969. This was also the first time I saw a performance by the unforgettable Margaret Thomson. Little did I realize that over the next fifty years Margaret would often reappear in my life, both as a performer and as a dear friend.

Thrills, Twists and Turns at Stirling Theatre

SUSPENSE, mystery and murder come together at Stirling Theatre (WA) in September 2020 in The Small Hours, a thriller with international intrigue. 

Written by Francis Durbridge and directed by Janet Brandwood, the play follows Sussex hotel owner Carl Houston who saves a passenger when their plane is hijacked after leaving Australia. 

Houston nearly dies as he tries to learn why his travel bag is of interest to the police while also attempting to find out what a toy koala, his devious chef and the hijacking have in common. 

A Mid Covid Nights Playreading

With the current COVID-19 restrictions continuing STAG (Shepparton Theatre Arts Group) is finding ways to connect with its members in new and different ways. They have decided to run a Mid-COVID Nights Play Reading via Zoom.

Dark Coming of Age Drama for Harbour Theatre

SINISTER undercurrents and gothic themes flow throughout Harbour Theatre’s September 2020 production in Fremantle WA, as part of a dark coming-of-age story. 

Based on the Swedish novel and film by John Ajvide Lindqvist and adapted for stage by Jack Thorne, Let The Right One In focuses on the bullied teenage boy Oskar who finds a friend in Eli, after she moves in next door. 

Poignant Comedy Quartet for Limelight

GET ready to laugh, sigh and cry a little as four retired opera singers take you into the bittersweet world of facing up to age and mortality in September 2020. 

Written by Ronald Harwood and directed by Gwen Browning at Limelight Theatre WA, Quartet is set in an aged care home with Cecily, Reggie and Wilfred ready to celebrate Verdi’s birthday with an annual concert. 

Reggie’s ex-wife Jean arrives and upsets the balance, continuing to act like a diva and refusing to sing – but the show must go on. 

Next to Normal for Melville Theatre

A MUSICAL about mental health is making its way to Melville Theatre (WA) from August 21, 2020. 

Playing Together, Staying Together

How the Grey family and Brisbane Arts Theatre stayed creative in quarantine. Beth Keehn reports.

Virtual Plays at Adelaide Rep

The Adelaide Rep has been producing quality theatre for over 100 years and lay claim to being the oldest surviving theatre company in the Southern hemisphere. They have survived two world wars, the depression and the ‘recession we had to have’. Unfortunately, COVID-19 got the better of them and they have had to close the theatre for 2020.

Adelaide Hills Arts Community Hub Seeks Volunteers

The picturesque Stirling Community Theatre on Avenue Road has been nestled between the steamroller park and the kindy for over 130 years.

Rehearsing in Isolation

Music Theatre International, Australasia has tools for community theatres and schools to stay connected with their cast during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nikol McKail reports.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our usual way of doing things has been uprooted with the new practices of quarantine and social distancing. Public spaces have either shut down or restricted contact, non-essential employees have moved to work remotely, and students everywhere are regularly taking their classes online.

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