The Intrigue of Mary Stuart at Henry Lawson Theatre

The Intrigue of Mary Stuart at Henry Lawson Theatre

Two incredibly powerful women, one sits on the throne, and the other is locked in a cell.

Following an uprising, Mary (Rebecca Fletcher) fled Scotland only to be imprisoned in England. Elizabeth (Nicole Smith) feels threatened – Mary is younger, more beloved, and has a claim to the throne.

At a different time, the cousins could have been allies. Friends. But history took them down another path, and it is a world where deceitful men rule, plot and fight to maintain their power. 

Now, Elizabeth has to decide whether to set Mary free or sentence her cousin to death. 

Directed by Heather McGreal, the play will transport the audience to the tumultuous world of 16th-century England, where the two queens, Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I, clash in a battle for the throne.

McGreal has taken her love of costuming, directing, and historical tales, combining the three and using a simple set while creating era-appropriate costuming in a palate of greys.

"I hope they (audiences) will feel the emotions, fear, anger, regret, that orbit the entire show,” says McGreal. “I hope they will understand that this play exists in an area of grey where every day is a fight for your life, and right and wrong are not as clear as we would want. I hope they will empathise with Elizabeth and Mary, who should have been amazing leaders, side by side as cousins and friends, but history couldn’t provide that opportunity.” 

Fletcher shared her excitement about portraying Mary Stuart: "It's a privilege to step into the shoes of such a strong and fascinating character. Mary's story is one of resilience and determination, and I am honoured to bring her journey to the stage."

Smith expressed her admiration for Elizabeth I, saying, "From her steely resolve to haunting insecurities, painting a portrait of a monarch torn between duty and personal desires has been a rewarding challenge. These women had unbelievably difficult worlds, and their story is heartbreaking."

This timeless tale of two queens comes to life in a hauntingly intimate and theatrical way. Power, betrayal, and passion collide. 

Perhaps the most poignant of quotes comes from the play: “Perhaps if you men made more room, there would have been space for both of us”.

Mary Stuart

By Kate Mulvany, after Friedrich Schiller

Henry Lawson Theatre, Werrington, NSW 

Friday 19th April - 8 pm

Saturday 20th April - 2 pm & 8 pm

Sunday 21st April - 2 pm

Friday 26th April - 8 pm

Saturday 27th April - 2 pm & 8 pm

Tickets $25 and $30

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