Mayhem and Murder at Cronulla

Mayhem and Murder at Cronulla

The new production at Arts Theatre Cronulla is Dial M for Murder, considered a classic thriller. It was first presented on the stage at London’s Westminster Theatre in 1952, and then had a long run of 552 performances on Broadway from 1952 to 1954. Preview audiences have been intrigued, baffled and greatly entertained.

The plot involves retired English tennis player Tony Wendice who is married to wealthy socialite Margot. They have had a fractious marriage for many years, resulting in Margo having an affair with Max Halliday, an American crime writer. Tony married Margot for her money and now, after finding out about her affair, plans to have her murdered so he can get his hands on her inheritance.

Tony plans what he considers to be the perfect murder, blackmailing an old university acquaintance and cunning criminal, Captain Lesgate, to do the dirty work for him. However, despite meticulous planning, the attempted murder goes awry and Lesgate is killed, while Margot survives. 

Tony then spins a web of suspicion and deception, manipulating Detective Hubbard from Scotland Yard into believing that his wife was being blackmailed by Lesgate and that she killed him to protect her reputation.  After many twists and turns, and Tony frantically scheming to outwit the police, the truth is finally discovered. 

The show opens on 21 October and runs till Saturday 26 November, 2022, with performances on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and three Sunday afternoon matinees at 2pm. 

Tickets are $30/$27 and can be booked online via the theatre’s website:


Captain Lesgate: Michael Barlow

Tony Wendice: Gary Clark

Max Hallilday: Paul Ellis

Margot Wendice: Margareta Moir

Inspector Hubbard: Vincent O’Neill

Photo credits: Port Hacking Camera Club

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