South Sydney Community Theatre Survey

South Sydney Community Theatre Survey
South Sydney resident Kenney Ogilvie has long been pondering about the opinions of his musical community theatre peers in the area. As a participant in some form or another with most musical societies in the St George and Sutherland Shire areas, Mr Ogilvie has always been interested in what his peers enjoy most about the experience.
Mr Ogilvie wanted the survey to remain independent from the societies the survey discusses. He commented that "a lot of care when into wording questions. I wanted to collect rich data but avoid identifying people or societies by concentrating on personal opinion. It is my intention that the survey benefits our community."
Most questions centre around participant's personal opinions. As the survey is anonymous, it is Mr Ogilvie's hope that his peers lean into honest answers to get a snapshot of some tough topics that often circle as gossip instead of collected data. "It was designed to celebrate the best aspects of the community and to find ways in which to strengthen other aspects."
When enough data is collected, the results will be posted publicly on the website as a range of data and infographics. All answers will be screened prior to publication and ​results eluding to individuals both in a negative and positive light, in additional to potentially hurtful language may be omitted.
Mr Ogilvie hopes this inspires independent surveys in other areas of Sydney. He has been ecstatic with the warm reception that the survey has gleaned so far and hopes everyone continues to embrace the survey and is equally curious to discover the results!
Participation in the South Sydney Community Theatre Survey is completely anonymous and voluntary. The experience takes around 20 minutes.
For more info and to participate, visit

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