On Stage Listings

We encourage all theatres to tell us about their shows by filling out a Submit On-Stage Listing at the bottom of the page.

Listings may be included in the following print edition of the Magazine if received by Jan 20, March 20, May 20, July 20, September 20, Nov 20.

Premium What's On Listings can be submitted at any time and guarantee exposure on the front page of the website.

They include an image, description, email and weblink.

Cost is just $40 a month.

To buy a premium listing - make sure you have an Account with us. To get set up go to My Accounts.

Then buy a Premium What's On for $40 a month....in the Store.

Then you are ready to submit your Premium What's On - by clicking on Submit On-Stage at the bottom of the page.

We recommend you have a jpeg image available.