Musicals in 2021 and Beyond

Major musicals will roar back into life in 2021, once theatre-goers have had injections of both confidence and a vaccine.

The elimination of community transmission of COVID-19 in most of Australia has given large scale Performing Arts a shot in the arm.  WA opened up first. Next came NSW with 75% to 85% of tickets available for sale. Queensland is allowing 100% capacity from January.

Image from Hamilton - US Nagional tour. Photogapher: Joan Marcus.




Queensland Theatre's Our Town is THEIR Town

In final rehearsals: Our Town by Thornton Wilder, Queensland Theatre (QT) at the Bille Brown Theatre, Brisbane, 30 January to 20 February 2021

Jimi Bani and Andrew Buchanan tell Stage Whispers why Our Town is THEIR town. 

Does Sport Score On Stage?

Plays and musicals about sport don’t always hit it out of the park, but Sunshine Supergirl - a new show about the life of tennis legend Evonne Goolagong Cawley - looks set to ace audiences at the Sydney Festival and beyond. Jasper Bruce reports.

Sport and theatre have a troublesome relationship. True, there have been high-profile attempts to transplant sport onto the stage. In the wrong hands, however, something is often lost in the translation. After all, sport relies on immediacy, while theatre operates under the illusion of it.

Come From Away - Melbourne Encore Season

Leading the way in Melbourne’s return to the theatre, Come From Away will be the first major production back on stage, commencing performances at the Comedy Theatre from Tuesday 19 January.

Drummer Queens

A female percussion group is beating a new path around Australia this year. David Spicer spoke to Joe Accaria, the creator and composer of Drummer Queens, which is on stage in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

David Spicer: Men like making lots of noise and are often associated with drums - what prompted you to create a show for female drummers?

Telling Their Tales at Adelaide Fringe

Our SA correspondent Mark Wickett talks to Bella Green and Jon Bennett about their forthcoming shows at the Adelaide Fringe in 2021.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley Falls from Trapeze

Kerri-Anne Kennerley has fallen to the stage from a swinging trapeze, during the musical Pippin at the Sydney Lyric Theatre overnight.

In a statement released by the producers of the musical: "She finished her song, and was taken to hospital afterwards where it was confirmed she had broken her collarbone and sustained a chip to a bone in her ankle. This injury means that Kerri-Anne will be replaced by an understudy for the time being."

Sydney Musicals Paused

David Spicer reports.

Sydney's two major musical productions are expected back on stage this week, after closing their doors to allow time for the city to get on top of the latest outbreak of COVID-19.

It was announced last week that "out of an abundance of caution the Producers of PIPPIN have decided to cancel the scheduled performances on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 December due to the current Covid-19 outbreak in Greater Sydney."

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