Big Musicals On Ice Till 2021 : John Frost

Big Musicals On Ice Till 2021 : John Frost

Leading musical theatre producer John Frost has told Stage Whispers Magazine that he does not expect to be able to stage new productions of musicals in Australia until the second half of 2021.

“I am certainly writing (2020) off. I don’t see us being back before second half of next year,” he told the magazine.

His company GFO, has been forced to cut short, postpone or cancel seasons of Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Shrek the Musical, The Book of Mormon, 9 to 5 the Musical and The Secret Garden.

John Frost says his company requires at least six months of clear air to get a musical to the stage.

“Forget about putting it into rehearsals. That is the selling time. Usually six months as a minimum.”

“They are talking about a September (re-opening). That is brave. The last thing you want is a second wave of this thing which will then close you down for longer.”

In this exclusive interview, ‘Frosty’ reveals his thoughts on what needs to happen for the industry to re-open, how the industry might look different after the Coronavirus, and the type of shows he will produce in the future.

“The days of us doing four or five shows a year - that is going to slow down - or I will turn around and do plays,” he said.


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