Vale Bert Newton

Vale Bert Newton

Australia is mourning the late great Bert Newton (23 July 1938 – 30 October 2021) and those who shared the stage with him are sharing their tributes and dedications.

His stage credits included appearances in the musicals Wicked, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, Beauty and the Beast, The Producers, The Rocky Horror Show and Annie.

Often he would be doubling up, hosting The Morning Show on Channel 10 then backing up at night on stage.

"The end of an era. RIP Bert Newton. We all grew up with him. He loved this industry and supported so many of us. My thoughts go out to Patti and his kids. Thank you Bert. I was just a young singer and he always had me on his show. It was an absolute honour." David Campbell.

"Bert Newton was not only a national treasure but was the greatest supporter of young talent here in Australia. Ask anyone who worked with him. He was not only an inspiration but joyous, brilliant and would always remember you. Biggest love to Patti, Lauren and the whole Aussie showbiz family. We were all blessed to have met and worked with - or even just watched - Bert." Trevor Ashley

"I was going on for my first performance in Beauty and the Beast in the role of Lumiere. Bert was Cogsworth. We were both standing on the staircase ready to travel downstage for our first appearance. Just before the cloth flew out Bert quickly turns to me and with a panicked look on his face said…”what’s my first line?”, turns back, strikes his freeze and as we travel all the way downstage I’m frantically trying to remember his line and a possible cover as well as mine - just in case. As we hit our mark he delivers his line and turns upstage to me with a wink of one eye and a smirk - and we are away… Vale Bert - there will never be another like you. Thank you for all you have given and done for us and our industry. Our love to Patti, Lauren and Matthew and their families." Craig Donnell

"Beautiful, funny, KIND, GENEROUS, funny, sweet, funny, wonderful, funny Bert has left us. I adored him…everyone adored him, We certainly all did on The Producers. So so sad. Surely he was immortal? My heart goes out to beautiful Patti Newton and his adored family. There will never be another like him. A GREAT, talented, trailblazing Australian. Valé." Meredith O'Reilly


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