28 Grams

28 Grams
Written and directed by Ella Randle. Fringe World. Hayman Theatre, Curtin University, WA. Jan 20-30, 2022

Presented by Ella Randle as part of the Hayman Theatre Season for Fringe World, 28 Grams is a one woman show that deals with a multitude of issues - most notably with living with an eating disorder.

Compellingly written and well directed by Ella Randle, this hour-long play features Grace, a young person who hates her cafe job, enjoys some casual drug use, hangs out with her friends and tries to find her place in the world. In a life that feels somewhat out of her control, she finds herself becoming addicted to controlling her weight.

28 Grams is beautifully acted by Georgia Condon, who wins the audience with her ring-of-truth delivery, engaging manner and conviction. Tight direction means that this show never flags, and audience are engaged throughout. A one person show is a challenge for any performer, especially one early in their career, and Georgia handles it with seeming ease.

The show, playing in Hayman’s more intimate second theatre, features effective sound and projection by Sebastian Boyd with supportive set and lighting by T ‘Mutta” Beilby.

I could see this show playing very well on a schools tour, as this simple easily transportable show, would resonate very well with young audiences. An engaging theatre experience for all ages.

Kimberley Shaw

Photographer: T 'Mutta' Beilby

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