The Alphabet of Awesome Science

The Alphabet of Awesome Science
Adelaide Fringe 2019. Science Gang and Six Foot Under Productions. The May Wirth at Gluttony. 2-17 March, 2019

This is one of the best children’s shows I have seen; not only is it fun, well-produced, exciting and educational, it doesn’t talk down to children and keeps everyone from 5 to 105 engaged, learning and laughing.

I have had the pleasure of seeing David Lampard in action before, when he has presented to school groups. His enthusiasm and knowledge, plus a hefty dose of drama and entertainment skills, is a highly successful combination.

The addition of Lexi Con and her love of interesting words is a nice touch and a great way of structuring the show with an alphabet of awesome words and science experiments.

There is a touch of competitive drama in having the challenge of fitting 26 experiments into 52 minutes and having the audience mix up the order in which the experiments happen by choosing the letters randomly.

With lots of bangs, explosions, water, fire and liquid nitrogen, it is everything everyone always dreams science is really like. If only, say I…..

What a great way to spend an hour even on a stinking hot afternoon.

Sally Putnam 

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