Amore e Morte

Amore e Morte
By Riccardo Barone & Nikki Elli Souvertjis. Adelaide Fringe. Sei Sette. Adelaide Town Hall. 23 February 2020

Amore e Morte is a fascinating and compelling ‘song cycle’ written and performed by local artists Riccardo Barone (originally from Italy) and Nikki Elli Souvertjis. As its title suggest this is a tale about ‘Love and Death’ and told through music and songs. Furthermore, the tale is told from a female perspective – the wife of an Italian man. He has witnessed a murder and is pressured by an unknown force (the Mafia? Government? Police?) to remain silent. He is, however, compelled to attend a court hearing to state what he has witnessed – with a tragic outcome.

To say that this particular and original ‘Song Cycle’ is haunting would be an understatement. It has a power and unsettling force that stays with one for days afterwards. The music and songs are excellent, complemented by equally powerful and memorable performances by Richard Barone and Nikki Elli Souvertjis. The haunting quality is reinforced by Barone’s masterful playing of a rather unique instrument that you don’t often hear – the diamonica – a type of harmonica but with great range and depth. This is complemented by Nikki Elli Souvertjis moving performance as The Wife.

Three songs in particular stood out for me – the humorous ‘Typewriter Song’ and the final two songs ‘Love and Death’ and ‘Waltz’. Truly stunning.

Amore e Morte is being performed at a couple of venues in and around Adelaide. I can only encourage you to go and see this extraordinary original work, as well as support two highly talent local Adelaide theatre artists.

Tony Knight

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