Ashes to Dust

Ashes to Dust
By Yvette Wall. Fringe World. Directed by Michael Balmer. The Studio, Subiaco Arts Centre, WA. Jan 20-22, 2021

Ashes to Dust is the World Premiere of a well crafted one act play by Yvette Wall. Presented by Off the Wall Productions for Subilicious as part of Fringe World, this is a black comedy that deals with modern marriage, loss of loved ones and international cricket.

Set on the day that widowed Lydia and her daughter are supposed to scatter her late husband’s ashes into Fremantle Harbour, plans are upset by Steve Smith being in bat, a marital crisis and the arrival the night before of mystery man Dhavit, who sets Lydia on a new lease of life.

A series of unlikely events - this is directed with pace, pathos and a good sense of comedy. Susan Stevenson plays the catalyst role of Lydia - anchoring the show well. She forms a believable relationship with Jessica Shallcross, who works well as daughter Catherine. Gaurav Singh is great fun as Dhavit, an unlikely sex-symbol with an unexpected gift for relationship counselling. Cameron Reese nicely completes the cast, as Catherine’s slightly clueless husband Kevin.

This is a sweet little comedy with lots of laughs and is easy to watch. Short and sharp at only 40 minutes, Ashes to Dust is a great choice for those craving some irreverent but inoffensive, fun, fresh theatre.

Kimberley Shaw

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