Baggage Limit

Baggage Limit
Peta Morris. Adelaide Fringe. The Bakehouse Theatre. March 9 – 14, 2020

Performer Peta Morris is no stranger to the creative industry; an accomplished singer, songwriter and art educator, she is expanding her talents to theatre performance. Using her vocals, she takes us on a musical journey interweaved with a story close to her heart.

Literally giving birth to herself is a sight you will not soon forget. Dressed in a giant costume resembling a vulva, she is liberated and sets the tone for this brave and confronting presentation.

It is not until we become independent adults that we comprehend the experiences and the people that shape us. Undiagnosed anxiety and depression culminated in Morris enduring a nervous breakdown, or breakthrough, as she recalls. Her one-woman show is her way of trying to understand and manage the myriad of feelings involved.

Courageous in interpretation, her internal dialogue culminated in her fabricating alter egos. Wayne is the pessimist within Morris’s  mind, a negative influence that wreaks havoc on her life and choices. Sharon is the voice that shares space with Wayne, a calming and tranquil influence who is positive and supportive.

Morris is a marvel at portraying family members; her recollections are both humorous and heartbreaking. Stitched together with self-penned songs, her voice is strong and filled with sincerity.

Her raw accounts of traumatic experiences strips bare this performer, allowing us to empathise with her.

Sharing the stage with Morris is Phil Downing; he provides backing on keyboards as her voice fills the theatre. Lyrically, her original songs such as, ''Marriage is no Fairytale" and "The Yin to my Yang" are brilliantly composed.

Morris demonstrates how far she has come. She implores the audience to be true and live life to the fullest. Comically, she reminds us that life is better than a musical.

It is evident that this show has been cathartic for Morris. We witness this 'fragile infant' flourish despite the challenges and trauma that she has endured.

I loved everything about this production. Tackling sensitive issues could have been awkward, but her personality, warmth and sincerity shone through.

An enthusiastic applause indicated that the audience were appreciative of Morris's courage and immense talent.

Kerry Cooper

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