Best of Fringe Variety

Best of Fringe Variety
Adelaide Fringe. Presented by Motley & Mac. Ukiyo and Parasol Lounge – Gluttony. February 14 - March 15, 2020

With over 1200 acts performing at this year’s Fringe it can be difficult to narrow down choices. Performing arts company Motley and Mac make it easier, by presenting Fringe Variety. It is a fantastic way of experiencing several genres in the one tent. Artists are not named below as they change from show to show.

On the night I attended it was pouring with rain, but this did not stop the crowds or dampen the enthusiasm of this show’s audience.

A charismatic host from America warmed the onlookers up with jokes and card tricks. Involving the audience with his clairvoyant prowess, he was impressive, as was his constant one-liners. Clever in his delivery, he was a natural mingling with the crowd.

A Canadian soprano was faultless in her delivery of two beautiful arias, as were all the performers who showcased their talents.

A hilarious juggler oozed personality as he wowed us with his skill in juggling balls, rings and clubs, all the while removing articles of clothing.

Two agile ladies were impressive as they dangled from a hoop suspended from the top of the tent, flipped their way around the performance space and used each other for balance. Taking on the personas of burglars, their comic delivery added to their act.

A statuesque blonde twirled her way through her performance with numerous hoola-hoops. A self-confessed ‘freak’ swallowed a neon tube, illuminating his ribcage in the process. He left the audience gasping when he repeated the trick with a sword, and if that wasn’t jaw-dropping enough he then performed two backflips, with the sword still firmly placed down his gullet.

This is a great way to spend an hour at the Fringe. Some of the acts featured are in other shows, and the emcee gives details in his closing.

As mentioned, this show has a different line up of acts every performance, which means audiences can revisit this show more than once.

Kerry Cooper

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