The Big Shot

The Big Shot
Fringe World. The Actors Hub, Kensington St., East Perth, WA. Jan 21-28, 2022

The Big Shot is presented as part of the Actors Hub’s Naughty Nights at Nine series for Fringe World. Playing at 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights Naughty Nights at Nine plays after the 4x4x4 Season offering and is a great chance for patrons to catch a second show in the same venue. The 9pm shows are a little more unpredictable than the 7pm shows and include “Who Dunnit?”  Murder Mysteries on the Friday nights.

This show was an accidental repeat viewing for me, but it was great to see it return to the line-up - this time played more conventionally in a theatrical setting, which serves the show better. Set in the Roaring 20s, the audience are introduced to the titular Big Shot, gangster Charlie Cheung, wonderfully detestable as played by Carlin Montiero. It is not too much of a spoiler to reveal that he will be the victim.

But who did it? Was is his Southern Belle wife Carol (an easy to sympathise with Ava Lyas), Hollywood Director Cameron Diaz (a charming Andrew Dunstan), former boxer turned barman Alto Mezzo (a convincing Christian Tomaszewski), financial advisor Eugene Walsh (a strong Josh Long), flapper girl Billie Jitterbug (a sweet Steph Bedford) or debtor Benjamin Bigsby Breuth (well played by Jared Stephenson). Charlie Cheung's father arrives to track down the killer (Carlin Montiero again - this time playing a more likeable if sadistic character).

The audience are asked to question the suspects and some lively debate may ensue, before decisions are made as to who will face punishment.

Great fun and great to get involved, the Big Shot plays another show on January 28, before a new murder mystery premieres.

Kimberley Shaw

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