The Broken Slipper

The Broken Slipper
By Yvette Wall. Hackett Hall, Floreat. 19-22 February 2015

The winner of last year's ITA DramaFest returned for this year's Fringe World - this time as a co-production between Out of the Bag Productions and the original company Playlovers.

This fairy tale spoof, written by Yvette Wall and directed by Alide Chaney, takes place at the fairy tale tribunal where Cinderella is accused of breaking fairy-tale rules, as she has smashed Prince Charming's face with her glass slipper, before shacking up with Hansel and Gretel's father.

We watch as the familiar characters fall apart - Snow White is menopausal, the Wicked Wish has a crush on the Prince, Granny is snorting fairy dust and Prince Charming is no longer pretty.

Performed on a complete set by Olivia Colja and Shaun McMahon, it features delightful costumes by Terrence McAuley and David Young and lighting, including a "stunt moment" by John Woolrych.

Performances are strong throughout. Ursula Johnson's Award winning performance as Granny continues to be impressive, Sophie Prober has fun as the straight-talking Cinderella, David Nelson - new to the role of Wicked Witch is very funny. Sharon Greenock shines as the hot-flushed Snow White while Sean Bullock is cleverly camp as Prince Charming.

A fun and pleasant romp.

Kimberley Shaw

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