Bubble Show for Adults Only

Bubble Show for Adults Only
Adelaide Fringe. Parasol Lounge at Gluttony. 16th February to 4th March 2018

Iulia Birze and Kurt Murray are familiar faces at the Adelaide Fringe where they have been performing Bubble Shows of one variety or another for many years. Best known to young audiences as Milkshake and Doctor Bubble, this year Birze and Murray have put together an adults only show, because, let’s face it, bubbles are fun at any age.

This risqué bubbly love story doffs its cap to traditions of slapstick, circus and clowning. Both Birze and Murray have tertiary qualifications in performance and frankly, it shows. It is their strong clowning practice that enables the hapless characters they have created to be immediately endearing to the audience.

But more than just a clowning show, this is a physical theatre performance, one that explores the theme of love and loss in our modern world. Birze’s physicality, flexibility and energy is impressive and Murray uses it, at times, as a showcase for his world-renowned bubble blowing skills.

The full house fully engaged with the performers and there was ample opportunity for audience participation, from cheeky kisses, to bubble blowing and even a striptease.

It’s a show that is perfectly well suited to the late timeslot, if you know what I mean. It’s cheeky, it’s fun, it’s a little bit naughty but it’s also a fabulous showcase of the artistic skill of two top notch performers.

This show sold out at Fringeworld in Perth, so my advice is grab a ticket while you can.

Jenny Fewster

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