By Duncan Graham. Adelaide Fringe. Holden Street Theatres. Feb 10 – Mar 14, 2015.

Nothing is more intimate than being seated inches from an actor’s performing space. Nine seats either side of what appears to be a runway, audience members appear uncomfortable, but as we soon discover, that is the point. Plunged into darkness for what seems an eternity, I am acutely aware of my breathing; an uneasiness envelops me, a feeling that lasts the duration of the performance.

A pool of light appears revealing an intense softly spoken woman, she has awoken early to prepare her face for her job as an air-hostess. A smile is required, a pleasant demeanour that masks bouts of neurosis. She is convinced that she is being watched, stalked by a man with eyes of ash. Actress Hannah Norris is this woman, her experience evident as she draws you into her fear and ultimate awakening of senses. Her movement stealth like as you witness her pop out of the darkness. Clever use of her handheld light gives depth where needed and keeps you alert. Her intense performance is brilliant!

The audience are never quite sure if this man is a figment of her imagination, symbolic of her unhappiness at her existence, a reason for her unravelling. It is this very thing that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Design adds to the show's impact. The creative team of Elizabeth Gadsby, Russell Goldsmith and Sam Hopkins make this production a work of art; both visually and auditory. Attention to detail and clever use of props create symbolic theatre and Miss Norris ensures you never want to shout CUT.

Kerry Cooper

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